Millennium Society

Millennium Society – Donor Recognition Club

The Millennium Society recognizes those donors who have made a charitable gift of at least a $1,000 to the foundation’s Annual Fund or a gift of at least $5,000 to the Hal Foster, MD Endowment.  As a way of thanking donors for their generosity, Millennium Society members receive exclusive benefits during the calendar year in which their donation is received. Donors making contributions over $1,000 may receive multiple years of benefits.


Millennium Society Donation Member Levels
  • 1,000 – Millennium Society Member* (if donation made to Annual Fund, 1-year membership/recognition)
  • $5,000 – Millennium Society Sustainer (5-year membership/recognition, payable over 3 years)
  • $30,000 – Millennium Society Lifetime Member (Lifetime membership/recognition, payable over 5 years)

*Member level benefits/recognition provided to Residents and Fellows with donation of $250 and to Young Physicians with donation of $500, to the Annual Fund (effective 1/1/2017).

Millennium Society Benefits
  • Early access to the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO℠ registration, and housing accommodations;
  • Access to the Millennium Society Donor Appreciation Lounge at Annual Meeting;
  • Listing on the Donor Wall of Honor at Annual Meeting; and
  • Year-round recognition and special acknowledgments.

For more information, please contact:
The AAO-HNS foundation Development Staff at
(703) 535-3775 or