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Founding Donors




  • Ronald B. Kuppersmith, MD, MBA and Nicole Kuppersmith


  • Robert W. Bastian, MD, and Jan Bastian
  • Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD, and Anjali Bhatt, MD
  • Neil Bhattacharyya, MD and Anjini Bhattacharyya, MD
  • Andrew Blitzer, MD, DDS
  • I. David Bough, Jr., MD
  • C. Ron Cannon, MD
  • Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD and Krishnan Ramanathan
  • Sukgi S. Choi, MD and Charles F. Monk, Jr.
  • Noel L. Cohen, MD and  Baukje Cohen
  • Lee D. Eisenberg, MD, MPH and Nancy Eisenberg
  • Steven M. Gold, MD
  • Michael E. Glasscock, III, MD
  • Thomas A. Graves, MD
  • Barry Jacobs, MD, and MaryLynn Jacobs
  • Jonas T. Johnson, MD and Janis Johnson
  • David W. Kennedy, MD
  • Thomas B. Logan, MD and Jo Logan
  • Rodney P. Lusk, MD and Constance C. Lusk, RN
  • Phillip L. Massengill, MD
  • James L. Netterville, MD
  • David R. Nielsen, MD and Becky Nielsen
  • Richard M. Rosenfeld, MD, MPH
  • Harlene Ginsberg and Jerry Schreibstein, MD
  • Gavin Setzen, MD and Karen Setzen
  • James Stankiewicz, MD
  • J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD and Silvia P. Stolovitzky
  • Ira David Uretzky, MD, and Beth J. Uretzky
  • Jay S. Youngerman, MD, and Toni Youngerman


  • Peter J. Abramson, MD and Cara Abramson
  • Kenneth W. Altman, MD, PhD and Courtney Altman
  • Seilesh Babu, MD and Abbey Crooks-Babu, MD
  • Raghuvir B. Gelot, MD and Carolyn Gelot
  • Stacey L. Ishman, MD, and Jim McCarthy
  • Alan David Kornblut, MD and Alfred Kornblut, CAPT MC USNRRET (decd.)
  • Helen F. Krause, MD
  • Spencer C. Payne, MD
  • Michael Seidman, MD and Lynn Seidman
  • Nancy L. Snyderman, MD
  • Duane J. Taylor, MD
  • P. Ashley Wackym, MD, and Jeremy Wackym
  • Peak Woo, MD
  • Mark E. Zafereo, Jr., MD

As of December 31, 2011



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