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The gifts you make are used to expand the significant accomplishments of the Academy in improving patient care. Without your help, many of the AAO-HNSF programs and services you and your staff use on a daily basis would not be possible. The Millennium Society experienced growth last year with more than 300 members pledging their financial support. To read our inaugural
Donor Spotlight, which highlights some of our great stories involving our donors, please click here.

Without the help of our donors, many of the AAO-HNS/F programs and services you and your staff use on a daily basis would not be possible. The Millennium Society experienced growth in 2010 with more than 390 members pledging their financial support.  In 2010 member and friends of the AAO-HNSF donated and pledged over $2,200,000.  It is essential to continue this growth in 2011 to continue to promote the delivery of outstanding patient care in otolaryngology—head and neck surgery. Philanthropic contributions to the AAO-HNSF last year helped to facilitate the following:

2011 Individual Donations & Pledges (*restricted gifts)

2011 Donations & pledges

2010 Individual Donations & Pledges


2010 Donations

In addition, in 2010, individual donations along with corporate support:

  • 4 New Endowed Funds:  Bobby R. Alford Endowed Research Grant, Women in Otolaryngology Endowment, Barnes Society Endowed Leadership Grant and the Nancy L. Snyderman Endowed International Visiting Scholarship Grant
  • 3 New Named Funds: Dinesh and Pravina Mehta International Visiting Scholarship Grant, Vijay and Nanda Anand International Indian Visiting Scholarship Grant, and the Association of Otolaryngologist of Indian Heritage International Visiting Scholarship Grant
  • Helped to develop the evidence base for otolaryngology through 47 CORE research grants, 4 International Visiting Scholar grants, International Travel Grants, 3 research studies and 3 published manuscripts, manuscripts under development and 3 new clinical guidelines
  • Paved the way for resident members to become welltrained otolaryngologists through the Section for Residents and Fellows—169 Resident Leadership grants to defray costs of attendance at educational meetings, and a robust set of resources geared to support residents and young physicians
  • Funded 17 humanitarian grants, humanitarian service and aid, and international exchange and outreach Practice management and business of medicine tools designed to aid you and your staff in the complex management of today's otolaryngology practice And more than 2,900 users of AcademyU


2009 Individual Donations

2009 Donations




2010 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO - Boston
2010 Annual Meeting Donations - Cash and Multi-Year Pledges

Cash Gifts & Multi-year Pledges