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School is out and happy students are beginning their long-awaited summer break! With summer comes many fun activities, including camp, swimming, and family vacations. Unfortunately, many of these activities can also bring summertime headaches for parents as their kids develop earaches, sunburns, and allergies. The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) would like to offer parents and caregivers some helpful tips for keeping kids safe and healthy this summer season.


Fact Sheets

Summer Health Tips - tips for spotting common ear, nose, and throat health issues this summer!

Ear and Altitude - how the ears cope with airplane rides!

Swimmer's Ear - a dip in the pool or pond can lead to ear aches!

Pediatric Allergies - allergies can affect kids in different ways.

Tonsillectomy - often scheduled during summer break.

Head and neck skin cancers - kids need to be protected from the summer sun!

Noise and hearing loss - kids will be listening to their portable music players a lot this summer. Know the facts on sound and hearing damage.

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