Honor Award Recipients

Robert F. Aarstad, MD, MBA Shreveport, LA
Ben J. Balough, MD San Diego, CA
Steven H. Buck, MD Buffalo, NY
Lisa M. Buckmiller, MD Little Rock, AR
Alexander G. Chiu, MD Philadelphia, PA
Stephen F. Conley, MD Milwaukee, WI
Susan R. Cordes, MD Indianapolis, IN
Roberto A. Cueva, MD San Diego, CA
Fernando Luiz Dias, MD, PhD Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Charles S. Ebert, Jr., MD, MPH Chapel Hill, NC
Adrien A. Eshraghi, MD, MSc Miami, FL
Arun K. Gadre, MD Louisville, KY
Robert A. Glazer, MPA Tarrytown, NY
Jacquelyn A. Going, MD Columbia, SC
Nira A. Goldstein, MD Brooklyn, NY
Norman D. Hogikyan, MD Ann Arbor, MI
Akira Ishiyama, MD Los Angeles, CA
David Kaylie, MD Durham, NC
Maurice M. Khosh, MD New York, NY
Robert F. Labadie, MD, PhD Nashville, TN
Denis C. Lafreniere, MD West Hartford, CT
Andrew Lane, MD Baltimore, MD
Judith C. Lieu, MD Saint Louis, MO
Hsin-ching Lin, MD Feng Shang City, Taiwan
Sonya Malekzadeh, MD Washington, DC
Charles H. Mann, MD Cary, NC
Saumil N. Merchant, MD Boston, MA
Piero Nicolai, MD Brescia, Italy
Robert C. O'Reilly, MD Wilmington, DE
C. Robert Pettit, MD Carmel By The Sea, CA
Diego A. Preciado, MD, PhD Washington, DC
Shannon P. Pryor, MD Washington, DC
Liana Puscas, MD Durham, NC
Eileen M. Raynor, MD Jacksonville, FL
John S. Rhee, MD, MPH Milwaukee, WI
Joseph B. Roberson Jr., MD E Palo Alto, CA
Marc R. Rosen, MD Philadelphia, PA
Jay T. Rubinstein, MD, PhD Seattle, WA
Rahul K. Shah, MD, FAAP Washington, DC
Alfred A. Simental Jr., MD Loma Linda, CA
Russell B. Smith, MD Omaha, NE
Ralph P. Tufano, MD Baltimore, MD
Andrea Vambutas, MD New Hyde Park, NY
Maria C. Veling, MD Lexington, KY
Robert Vincent, MD Colombiers, France
Soo-Geun Wang, MD, PhD Pusan, South Korea
Steven J. Wang, MD San Francisco, CA
Raymond L. Weiss, MD Ocean Springs, MS
Samuel B. Welch, MD, PhD Little Rock, AR
Mark Whipple, MD, MS Seattle, WA
Judith A. White, MD, PhD Cleveland, OH
Jonathan R. Workman, MD Greenville, NC
K. John Yun, MD Elizabethtown, KY
Lee A. Zimmer, MD, PhD Cincinnati, OH


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