Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee


Committee Charge: Raise awareness within the Academy of patient safety and quality improvement issues.  Provide input to prioritize the development of guidelines and performance measures used to assess and improve the quality of care for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery patients.  Educate members about evidence-based guidelines, practice standards, and other systems which enhance quality of care.  Identify products, tools, services and processes which lead to safer care of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery patients, and assist the Academy in making them known and available to its membership.  Actively coordinate with other committees of the Academy and the Foundation, and with members of other relevant specialty societies, on issues pertaining to patient safety and quality improvement.

CHAIRS:   David W. Roberson, MD and Rahul K. Shah, MD
STAFF LIAISON:  Jean Brereton, MBA


National Quality Forum (NQF) Nominations 

David W. Roberson, MD, nominated to the Surgery Endorsement Maintenance 2010 Steering Committee 

Amy Chen, MD, nominated to the Patient-Focused Coordinating Committee for Measure Applications Partnership (MAP)  

Rahul K. Shah, MD, nominated and accepted to the Technical Advisory Panel for NQF's Child Health Quality Measures project

American Medical Association – Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement (PCPI) 
Richard W. Waguespack, MD, was nominated to the PCPI Episode Grouper Clinical Technical Advisory Committee in November.


Study  Principal Investigator(s)  Goal and Updates
 Airway Management in Laryngectomy Patients Survey  Brian Nussenbaum, MD    The survey was completed in 2010 with great assistance from the Head and Neck Society.  The survey showed that issues with laryngectomy are more common than anticipated.  Thirty percent of those surveyed reported knowing of a patient death or permanent harm resulting with these patients.    Results: 259 respondents Miniseminar presented at the 2010 AAO-HNS Annual Meeting and OTO EXPO Manuscript under development
 Catastrophic Outcomes with Tracheotomy  Rahul Shah, MD,  Margaret Skinner, MD and Albert Merati, MD  The goal is to gauge the experience of otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeons in caring for tracheotomies and potential complications. While some complications are common, these are infrequent, catastrophic complications with significant adverse outcomes. However, these events are so infrequent that it is difficult to study them from an institutional perspective. The AAO-HNS PSQI and the Airway and Swallowing Committee are jointly conducting this survey through the end of May 2011.   The findings will be developed into a manuscript.   Results: 480 respondents Miniseminar will be presented at the 2011 AAO-HNS Annual Meeting and OTO EXPO Manuscript under development
 Trends in ORL closed Claims 2005-2011 and Risk Factors for Closed Claims in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 2005-2009:  David Roberson, Jean Brereton, Ryan Sewell and Rahul Shah  The purpose of this claims-based study is to gain access to de-identified liability claims data, identify opportunities for interventions for particular patterns of practice which led  to safety events/claims, and then develop targeted tools for members addressing these issues.  The initial review of the claims data (relating to ESS complications) is complete and the second phase of the study is in progress.  Project should be complete this summer.
 Admission Criteria for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients  Reggie Baugh, Berrylin Ferguson, Eric Kezirian, Mas Takashima, Alan Kominskey, Jean Brereton  Joint Database study with Sleep Committee
 Tonsillectomy Disasters  David Roberson, Michael Brenner, Jedidiah Grisel, Reggie Baugh, et al.  The goal is to identify errors associated with tonsillectomy. 



Advisory Council on Quality (ACQ)
The Advisory Council on Quality (ACQ), an informal advisory body was formed in early 2011 to provide expert advice to John Rhee, Research and Quality Coordinator and the AAO-HNS BOD on the Academy's Quality Agenda and to take on special initiatives or projects as needed.  In addition, the ACQ will assist in the creation and alignment of strategic priorities for quality, patient safety and lifelong learning initiatives (MOC Part III and IV associated with performance in practice).  The Council will be chaired by Kathy Yaremchuk, MD and is made up of Academy leadership and member representatives, as well as representatives from the payer community, a hospital system administrator, and government representation.  The PSQI Committee reports up to the ACQ.