Model Committee Awardees

Past Committee Winners

2009 Model Committees:
Allergy & Immunology Committee
BOG Legislative Representatives Committe
Endorcrine Sugery Committee
History and Archives Committee
Rhinology & Paranasal Sinus Committee

2010 Model Committees:
Humanitarian Efforts Committee
Instruction Course Advisory Committee
Otology & Neurotology Education Committee
Outcomes Research and Evidence-based Medicine Committee
Program Advisory Committee

2011 Model Committees:
Diversity Committee

Outcomes Research and Evidence-based Medicine
Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology Committee
Patient Safety Quality Improvement (PSQI)
Women in Otolaryngology Committee

2012 Model Committees:
Endocrine Surgery Committee
Ethics Committee
General Otolaryngology Education Committee
Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Committee

2013 Model Committees:
Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Committee
Geriatric Otolaryngology Committee
Women in Otolaryngology Research Committee