AAO–HNS 2014 Slate of Candidates for Election

The AAO-HNS wishes to thank each member of the Nominating Committee for their careful and meaningful deliberation of nominees.  This is a very important and difficult task with which they are charged.  They deserve our recognition and appreciation.  Members of the Committee are: Drs. Jim Netterville (Chair), Peter Abramson, Ellen Deutsch, Howard Francis, Gady Har-El, Brian Nussenbaum, Shannon Pryor, Cecelia Schmalbach, Ashley Wackym, and Ken Yanagisawa. Lauren Zaretsky, MD, Chair of the Ethics Committee serves as an ex-officio member of the committee without vote.

*The ballot will go live on Monday, July 7.*

2014 Slate of Candidates for Election

Candidate names are linked to their respective statements and professional background information.

President-Elect (Private Practice) (Members will vote for one.)

 Chandrasekhar_Sujana_Pres-elect  Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD

 Stolovitzky_Pablo_Pres-elect J. Pablo Stolovitzky, MD

2014 Presidents Elect Forum Videos

2014 BOG Candidates Forum Transcript

Secretary-Treasurer Elect (Members will vote for one)

 Shah_Rahul_Secty-Treas Rahul Shah, MD

 Stringer_Scott_Secty-Treas Scott Stringer, MD

Director-at-Large (Academic) (Members will vote for one.)

 Bradford_Carol_At Large-Academic Carol Bradford, MD

 Nathan_Cherie-Ann_At Large-Academic Cherie-Ann Nathan, MD

Director-at-Large (Private Practice) (Members will vote for one.)

 Imber_Paul_At Large-Private Paul Imber, DO

 Youngerman_Jay_At Large-Private Jay Youngerman, MD

Audit Committee (Members will vote for one.)

 Altman_Kenneth_Audit Cmte Kenneth Altman, MD PhD (Incumbent will run unopposed)

Nominating Committee (Academic) (Members will vote for two.)

 Garrett_Gaelyn_NomCmte-Academic Gaelyn Garrett, MD

 Ishman_Stacey_NomCmte-Academic Stacey Ishman, MD MPH

 Merati_Albert_NomCmte-Academic Albert Merati, MD

 Taylor_Rodney_NomCmte-Academic Rodney Taylor, MD

Nominating Committee (Private Practice) (Members will vote for two.)

 BouvierR_Phyllis_NomCmte-Private Phyllis Bouvier, MD

 Moore_Brian_NomCmte-Private Brian Moore, MD

 Perry-Gilkes_Lisa_NomCmte-Private Lisa Perry-Gilkes, MD

 SIMON_LARRY_NomCmte-Private Lawrence Simon, MD



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