Orientation to the SRF

Who makes up the Section?

You do! When the Section was created in 2000, AAO-HNS leadership felt it was important that all ENT residents and fellows-in-training who are “active members of the Academy” automatically be members of this Section. That means that you can run for office, vote in the election of officers, propose resolutions that the Section will vote on and act upon, and have a voice in determining the course of your profession while you are still in training!

Who are the leaders of the Section?

The Governing Council: Made up of five individuals (four elected at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting plus the Immediate Past Chair). All must attend the Governing Council meeting and the SRF General Assembly Meeting during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting, and the Governing Council meeting at the BOG Spring Meeting/OTO Advocacy Summit.

Chair: One-year term. Presides over all meetings of the Section (in the fall and spring), attends all Board of Directors meetings of the Academy, and coordinates conference calls throughout the year.

Vice Chair: One-year term. Assists the Chair in running of the Section and assumes any duties that the Chair is not able to perform. Also compiles the annual SRF survey.

Information Officer: One-year term. Similar to the Secretary position in other organizations. Facilitates communication within the Section by maintaining an active list of all members and maintaining electronic communication tools (e.g., website, listserv, eNews, committee representatives). The Information Officer will distribute a monthly email to the resident representatives with SRF and Academy updates. 

Member-at-Large: One-year term. Coordinates the residents' miniseminar at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO.

Immediate Past Chair: One-year term, following the term as Chair. Assists the current Chair as needed.

Who represents the Section to AAO-HNS and other organizations?

Four representatives elected at the SRF General Assembly in the fall and four delegates appointed by the Governing Council:


BOG Governor: One-year term. Represents and is a voting member of the Academy's Board of Governors. Attends BOG meetings during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting and the BOG Spring Meeting/OTO Advocacy Summit, and serve as a liaison between the BOG and the Section.

BOG Legislative Representative: One-year term. Attends BOG meetings during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting and the BOG Spring Meeting & OTO Advocacy Summit, and updates the Governing Council on BOG legislative actions via written reports.

BOG Public Relations Representative: One-year term. Attends BOG meetings during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting and the BOG Spring Meeting & OTO Advocacy Summit, and updates the Governing Council regarding BOG public relations actions and initiatives via written reports. The PR Representative will also be responsible for content in the quarterly SRF eNewsletter and solicit residents for articles that may be published in the Bulletin.

Delegates (must attend the meetings of the Governing Council during the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting):

American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto) Liaison: Two-year term. Serves as the Section's liaison to the ABOto. Communicates the Section's concerns to ABOto and reports to the Section on ABOto's activities. Forms a communication relationship with the Executive Director of the ABOto. The ABOto liaison attends Governing Council meetings during BOG Spring Meeting/ Joint Surgical Advocacy Conference and the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting. Travel expenses are not covered.

American College of Surgeons–Resident and Associate Society (RAS-ACS) Delegate: Two-year term. Serves as contact person for all relevant information exchanged between the RAS-ACS and the Section. Attends the ACS fall clinical congress, spring meeting, and phone conferences. Required to update the Section regarding actions taken by the ACS. An alternate delegate will be selected if the delegate is unable to attend meetings. Travel expenses are covered.

American Medical Association (AMA) Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) Delegate: One-year term. Attends both the AMA Resident and Fellow Section Annual Meeting in June and the interim meeting in December and serves as a liaison between the Section and the AMA-RFS. Minutes from both AMA meetings must be done within three weeks of attending these meetings. Important action items must be brought to the Academy via the Section's Governing Council. In addition, attends the medical student outreach program to promote otolaryngology to potential medical students during the AMA's June meeting. An alternate delegate will be selected if the delegate is unable to attend meetings. Travel expenses are covered.

ENT PAC Delegate: Two-year term. Attends events held by ENT PAC (by invitation), is a liaison between the Section and the ENT PAC, and promotes increased involvement among our members in ENT PAC. Travel expenses are covered.

Society of University Otolaryngologists (SUO) Delegate: One-year term. Attends the Annual Meeting of the Society of University Otolaryngologists (usually in October or November) and updates the Section regarding actions and initiatives taken by the SUO. Must have a strong interest in academic medicine. An alternate delegate will be selected if the delegate is unable to attend meetings. Travel expenses are covered. The SUO delegate will be responsible for a brief presentation to be given at the Annual SUO Meeting to update the SUO on SRF matters, particularly the SRF survey results. 

What are the costs/benefits of my involvement?

Costs: Each office requires attendance at meetings, which leads to responsibilities and tasks between meetings. SRF leaders must also obtain permission for time away from clinical duties to attend these meetings.

Benefits: Many of the offices are eligible for travel grants for some meetings. Most importantly, you are able to work with Academy leaders and your colleagues to achieve real change in how we practice our profession!

What does the leadership do besides attend meetings?

Produce Change! How? Through having a vote on the Academy's Board of Governors. Also, through direct contact with the Academy's Board of Directors via resolutions drafted by our members stating our position as a group on issues concerning us. We effect change through education at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting, reaching out to different specialties and groups like the AMA, SUO, and ENT PAC, and by getting involved and organized early in our careers so that our generation of otolaryngologists can effectively support and improve the future of our specialty.


Become a Member of AAO-HNS

Become a member of AAO-HNS

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Humanitarian Opportunities

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