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“We came to this country with $108 between us in 1972. With the education and training that we received here, we were able to enrich our lives, educationally and financially. It seems to me to be fitting to share that knowledge and wealth to enrich the lives of others in a similar fashion.” - Nikhil J. Bhatt, MD, and Anjali Bhatt, MD

“As physicians, we are all givers. We’re constantly giving and we’re used to giving to organizations other than the AAO-HNS and its Foundation. But the AAO-HNS has given us all so much and helped us in some many ways, I think we can give back to help fund programs today that help to secure our future.”Ronald B. Kuppersmith, MD, MBA; 2009-2010 AAO-HNS/F President

Donor Spotlight Archives

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