Submitting Your CORE Grant Application

All CORE grant applications must be submitted electronically.

Submission Dates

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) to be submitted electronically by midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 15th. (If Dec 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the Monday after).
  • Electronic submission of application by midnight Eastern Standard Time on January 15th. (If Jan 15 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the Monday after).
  • Late applications will not be accepted. CORE expects all applications to be submitted on time.

Electronic Submission of LOI and Application

Do your homework.

Learn from experience.
Review Avoiding Common Errors, CORE Frequently Asked Questions, and CORE Grant Tips for the Principal Investigator.

Develop a submission plan.
Institution administrators and principal investigators should work together to come up with a submission plan. Think about:

  • What grant/award will you be applying for? Will you need to apply for IRB/IACUC approval?
  • Who will be responsible for completing the different forms within the application? Approach your mentor(s)/chair and let him/her know you'll need a letter of support or letter of recommendation early.
  • How will the application file be shared between different contributors (e.g. email attachment, placed on shared drive, copied to portable media)?
  • When must the forms be completed in order to allow time for the actual submission?

Prepare to submit.
Electronic submission requires Grants/Contracts Officials to register your institution with Principal Investigators (PIs) will also need to make sure they are registered. Tutorials for how to register your institution or yourself as a PI are provided at the bottom of the proposalCENTRAL login webpage.