TALC (Treatment of Advanced Laryngeal Cancer) Study

The TALC study has been developed to improve the understanding and care of patients with laryngeal cancer.

Laryngology Outcome Tool: VHI

Voice Handicap Index (VHI)DescriptionQuantifies the psychological consequences of voice disordersTargeted AgeAdultsItems (Domains)30 (3)Estimated Completion Time>= 10 minutesReliability/Validity AssessmentYes/YesLiterature1) Jacobson BH, Johnson A

Laryngology Outcome Tool: VHI-10

Voice Handicap Index-10DescriptionMeasures voice handicap in the general adult populationTargeted AgeAdultsItems (Domains)10 (1)Estimated Completion Time5 minutesReliability/Validity AssessmentYes/YesLiterature1) Rosen CA, Lee AS, Osborne J, Zullo T,

Laryngology Outcome Tool: VOS

Voice Outcome Survey (VOS)DescriptionEvaluates patient limitations in certain daily activities that require speaking or limitations in their social or work-related activities because of vocal problemsTargeted AgeAdultsItems (Domains)5 (N/A)Estimated

Laryngology Outcome Tool: V-RQOL

Voice-Related Quality of Life SurveyDescriptionAssesses dysphonic patients and their treatment outcomesTargeted AgeAdultsItems (Domains)10 (2)Estimated Completion Time5 minutesReliability/Validity AssessmentYes/YesLiterature1) Hogikyan ND, Sethuraman

Laryngology Outcome Tool: PV-RQOL

Pediatric Voice-Related Quality of Life SurveyDescriptionAssesses voice changes over time in the pediatric populationTargeted AgePediatricsItems (Domains)10Estimated Completion Time5 minutesReliability/Validity AssessmentYes/YesLiterature1) Boseley M

Position Statment: Tonsillectomy and OSAs

In the adult population, tonsillectomy is the appropriate first line treatment in select patients (Epstein 2009, Evidence Based Clinical Guideline).

Position Statement: Submucosal Ablation of the Tongue Base for OSAS

Adult patients with mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be successfully treated with submucosal radiofrequency tongue base ablation.(Powell 1999 and refs below) The majority of studies demonstrating effectiveness of tongue base submucosa

Position Statement: Tongue Suspension

When behavioral, dietary, and non-invasive techniques fail, surgery plays a vital role in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, despite the fact that it may not completely eliminate or cure the syndrome.

Clinical Practice Guideline: Hoarseness (Dysphonia)

This Clinical Practice Guideline is currently undergoing an update.Update Leadership: Robert J. Stachler, MD (Chair), David O. Francis, MD, MS (Assistant Chair), Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH (Methodologist)Guideline Update Group: Cecelia C.