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CT Imaging Accreditation

CT Imaging Accreditation

CT Imaging CMS Opportunities

With the adoption of in-office CT technologies, there is an emphasis on quality and safety.  Standardization through accreditation has become a reimbursement requirement for many third party payers.  Formalized standards for medical practices desiring to use in-office CT imaging have been established by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery/ Foundation recognizes the importance of quality standards and accreditation for medical imaging and knows that Academy members look to the foundation to provide leadership on this issue.  In response to these developments, the Academy has established the CT Imaging Committee. This group, led by Chair, Gavin Setzen, MD, is charged with providing additional resources and training for continuing medical education (CME) in this area and with monitoring continuing legislative and reimbursement developments.

The Academy offers resources that meet both ACCME standards and IAC standards. If you are a member, you can obtain the CME credit necessary to meet IAC requirements, via member benefits. You can do this by:

1) Attending the Annual Meeting CT-related Miniseminars or Instructional courses.
There are over 100 courses related to CT imaging, with many courses specific to CT, annually at the Annual Meeting & OTO Expo. Participation in any/all of these courses can provide credit toward the CME requirement. A list of CT-related Miniseminars or Instruction courses can be found here.

Recordings of these courses are available for purchase through the 2012 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO webpage. However, CME credit is not available for these recordings

2) Taking Academy U CT-related courses from ANY year.
The Academy is currently working to flag all online courses available that are appropriate for this purpose. Check back for an updated list.

3) Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Journal.
CT-relevant articles are published each year in the Academy’s monthly journal. Online access to the journal can be found here. While journal CME credit is currently not available, these articles could be of value to your practice.

4) IAC- Recommended CME Resources.
As a service to CT professionals looking for CT-related CE/CME, the IAC maintains a list of resources for CE/CME. To access this list of courses click here.

Contact Education with any questions regarding education related to CT imaging and the accreditation process.

ContactJenna Kappel with any questions regarding health policy or payment issues related to CT imaging. For specifics on regulatory and socioeconomic advocacy efforts, visit Imaging Services