Home Study Course

Home Study Course

2016 Home Study Course registration is now open!

Enhanced features and discounts available

Materials will be available online or in traditional print format; exam submission online only through www.AcademyU.org.  A single yearly exam submission deadline with no late fees replaces the individual exam section deadlines.  Exam scores and course completion transcripts are immediately accessible.  Choose online or print materials; if you choose online, you then choose the full four course option or individual sections relating to your areas of interest.

Online features

  • Use on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone
  • Read online, download to a computer, or print as a PDF
  • Search within the articles in each section
  • Bookmark key articles and link to complementary resources
  • Subscribe to the entire series or purchase each section individually
  • Preview online sample 

Print features

  • Receive packet materials in print format (compendium of articles, exam question booklet and symposium booklet) in four installments
  • Subscription to the entire four section series only
  • Registration required by August 1, 2016     


2016-17 Section titles and mailing or online access dates

September 2016 - Section 5 Rhinology and Allergic Disorders (available late August 2016)
November 2016 - Section 6 Laryngology, Voice Disorders and Bronchoesphagology (available early November 2016)
February 2017 - Section 7 Neoplastic and Inflammatory Diseases of the Head and Neck (available early February 2017)  
April 2017 - Section 8 Otology and Neurotology (available early April 2017)

PRICING OPTIONS (based on current membership status): 

Print option available for full course year subscriptions only; registration must be received by August 1, 2016 to reserve your print materials.

2015-2016 Home Study Course: All exams must be submitted by midnight eastern time on August 5, 2016. 

Register now by clicking this link.