Otolaryngology Maintenance of Certification

AAO-HNSF Education Resources and Maintenance of Certification

AAO-HNSF offers many education activities to assist individuals participating in maintenance of certification. 

AcademyQ: Otolaryngology Knowledge Assessment Tool™ is a mobile app for Apple and Android devices that includes hundreds of questions across the eight specialties. Users are provided with instantaneous detailed feedback and they can highlight, take notes, and mark questions for future review.

Clinical Fundamentals: Satisfy the Clinical Fundamentals requirement for Part III of Maintenance of Certification by viewing live or online versions of the instruction courses presented during the Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO℠. 

Go to www.academyu.org and search Clinical Fundamentals to access now. 

Otolaryngology Lifelong Learning Manual, 3rd Edition (OLLM): In response to the recent advances in the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, this manual contains substantial revisions and additions to the content carried forward from the first edition. The chapters have been restructured to cover topics by specialty area, while also including the business of medicine and clinical fundamentals. Our goal has been to provide an efficient and easy-to-read, comprehensive reference manual to meet the needs of the practicing surgeon, and simultaneously serve the needs of the maturing resident. 

Go to www.academyu.org and search eBooks to access now. 

Online Lecture Series (OLS): The Online Lecture Series (OLS) offers quick and concise versions of top Annual Meeting sessions in an online format. The format includes the speaker’s presentation audio and slides, reference lists, and links to additional resources.

Go to www.academyu.org and search online courses to access now. 

Annual Meeting Review Courses: These courses allow participants to refresh and update their knowledge of the substantial areas of each otolaryngology specialty area. These courses may serve as a resource for those pursuing certification and recertification.

Live courses are held annually at the Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM and recorded versions are available on AcademyU in January 2016.

Go to www.academyu.org and search review courses to access. 

Maintenance of Certification for the Otolaryngology Medical Specialty is a program of the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto).

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery does not have any oversight involvement in this program.

All questions concerning MOC should be directed to the American Board of Otolaryngology.