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Alternative Medicine: Perioperative Management Issues of Herbal Supplements and Vitamins by Anand K. Devaiah, MD, FACS and Richard O. Wein, MD, FACS
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The American Academy of Otolaryngology is continuing to provide new materials that can be accessed online, or downloaded and read or printed at your lesure. 

 Geriatric Otolaryngology eBook Cover Image


Geriatric Care Otolaryngology Online
Building from our popular Primary Care Otolaryngology series, this new online book includes chapters from leading authors on otolaryngology topics unique to the geriatric patient.

 Antimicrobial Therapy in Otolaryngology eBook cover image


The Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy in Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery, 13th Edition
The 13th edition of the Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery is now available online in .pdf format. This monograph helps physicians prescribe the most effective, least expensive antimicrobials for their patients, and provides an overview of antimicrobials by category, microbiology, drug selections, prophylaxis, ototoxicity, adverse interactions, drugs of choice according to infecting organism, dosages, and cost.


 Primary Care Otolaryngology 3rd Edition Cover Image


Primary Care Otolaryngology, 3rd Edition
A concise, yet informative handbook on otolaryngology for medical students and allied health professionals. Reviewed and edited by AAO-HNSF education faculty, this e-book is designed to teach the basics of otolaryngology.

 TNM Staging eBook Cover Image


Pocket Guide to TNM Staging of Head and Neck Cancer and Neck Dissection Classification
Edited by Daniel G Deschler, MD and Terry Day, MD
The new 3rd edition of this free, easy reference for physicians defines anatomic boundaries of lymph node dissections and fundamental principles of standardized terminology.



Resident Trauma Manual of Face, Head, and Neck 
Resident physicians in the otolaryngology-head and neck specialty are often the first responders to an emergency department for the evaluation of trauma patients with face, head, and neck injuries. Thus the Foundation has developed this manual for resident physicians on the urgent and emergent care of traumatic injuries to the face, head, and neck. 

My Voice: A Physician's Personal Experience With Throat Cancer
The book captures three years of the author's life following a diagnosis of throat cancer and tells the story of how he faces and deals with medical and surgical treatments and adjusts to life afterwards. As a physician with lifelong experience in caring for patients, the author shares his insights and perspective on these events as he undergoes the effects of a severe illness through the eyes of a patient.

He endures the consequences of radiation, surgeries, and prolonged hospitalizations. He confronts medical errors, discrimination following loss of his vocal cords, and struggles to regain his ability to speak again and find new meaning to his life. The author shares his anxieties, frustrations, failures, and ultimate adjustment to life with continuous uncertainty about the future.

Through the author's insights, health care professionals may become more aware of what their patients actually experience, and patients who face similar hardships may find out how to cope with them.

Author: Itzhak Brook, MD 

Dr. Brook delivered the John Conley, MD Lecture on Medical Ethics at the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO in Washington DC on September 9, 2012.