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American Rhinologic Society
Cottle, Maurice H.

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Historical and Biographical Note

American Rhinological Society
1944- Dr. Maurice H. Cottle, a Chicago ENT and medical school professor and director begins offering courses devoted to the subject of nasal surgery. The course brings in a number of ENT specialists from all parts of the United States. The course is continued year after year.
1954- During Dr. Cottle's course at John Hopkins Hospital, he helped found the American Rhinological Society (ARS) in order to continue and promote learning in the area of rhinology. Dr. Cottle is named President of the ARS.
1955- Ralph H. Riggs, MD, President
1957- Walter E. Loch, MD, President
1958- Russell I. Williams, MD, President
1959- Kenneth H. Hinderer, MD, President
1960- Ronald M. Loring, MD, President
1961- Ivan W. Philpott, MD, President
1962- Charles J. Petrillo, MD, President
1963- Raymond L. Hilsinger, MD, President
1964- H. Ashton Thomas, MD, President
1965- Carl B. Sputh, MD, President
1966- Robert M. Hansen, MD, President
1967- Walter J. Aagesen, MD, President
1968- Richard B. Hadley, MD, President
1969- Henry L. Williams, MD, President
1970- Leland R. House, MD, President
1971- Charles A. Tuker, MD, President
1972- Pat A. Barelli, MD, President
1973- Gerald F. Joseph, MD, President
1974- Manuel R. Wexler, MD, President
1975- George H. Drumheller, MD, President
1976- Joseph W. West, MD, President
1977- Albert Steinerm MD, President
1978- Anthony Failla, MD, President
1978-1979- Clifford E. Lake, MD, President
1979-1980- W. Kaye Locklin, MD, President
1980-1981- Lewis E. Morrison, MD President
1981-1982- Eugene B. Kern, MD, President
1982-1983- Carlos G. Benavidas, MD, President
1983-1984- Leon Neiman, MD, President
1984-1985- George Facer, MD, President
1985-1986- Larry E. Duberstein, MD, President
1986-1987- Glenn W. Drumheller, D.O., President
1987-1988- Alvin Katz, MD, President
1989-1990- Harold Arlen, MD, President
1990-1991- Pierre Arbour, MD, President
1991-1992- Fred Stucker, MD, President
1993- ARS received full accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.
1992-1993- David Kennedy, MD, President

Dr. Maurice H. Cottle
Dr. Maurice H. Cottle (1898-1981) was the instrumental force in the founding of the American Rhinological Society (ARS). It was attendees of his annual courses in rhinology that later formed what is now the ARS. In addition to founding the ARS, Dr. Cottle helped found the International Rhinologic Society, and is responsible for the invention and development of rhinology-specific instruments.

Maurice H. Cottle was born in England in 1898. His family had relocated to France when he was twelve and then later continued on to the United States in his teens. His family settled in Chicago, IL, where he stayed most of his life. He began his career as a teacher, teaching music, English to immigrants, and mathematics in business schools. He then went on to medical school and completed his residency at an eye, ear, nose and throat hospital. After his studies, he set up his private practice in Chicago. He has served as a professor and department head at the Chicago Medical School and director at the Illinois Masonic Hospital and Medical Center.

It was at the Illinois Masonic Hospital that Dr. Cottle first offered his courses in nasal surgery in 1944. This week-long course attracted doctors in private practice and attached to medical schools from all around the country. He continued the courses, which had still attracted doctors from various parts of the US. The courses were directed and taught by Dr. Cottle with the assistance of other colleagues. During his 1954 course, taught that year at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, he organized the doctors to form what is now known as the American Rhinological Society (ARS). A decade later in 1965, he would also found another professional society, the International Rhinologic Society in Kyoto, Japan. Dr. Cottle assisted the ARS by devoting his time, money and effort. From its inception, he continued to teach at many ARS meetings and ARS sponsored postgraduate courses on a regular basis through to the 1970s. In addition to being a regular lecturer, in the early years he "provided most of the money and exhibits, prepared the slides, gave the lectures and took the photographs." 1

Dr. Cottle's name is attributed to various rhinologic tools and instruments. A medical catalog from the 1970s on will advertise items such as the Cottle Bull Dog Scissors, the Cottle Chisel, the Cottle Tenaculum, and other surgical instruments. In the 1960s he developed the Cottle Electronic Nasal Pressure and Flow Recorder. This recorder was a part of his studies in rhinomanometry, which looks at the measurement of nasal airflow and pressure. He is also attributed with bringing rhinoplasty from disrepute by creating a surgical procedure known as the maxilla-premaxillary approach.



Materials in this series originate from two sources: the American Rhinologic Society and Dr. Charles J. Petrillo, MD, former ARS president. Dr. Petrillo's items are identified with his name handwritten on the donated items. It also appears that Dr. Pat A. Barelli, another ARS president, added more ARS materials to this donation. All these were interfiled with materials from the ARS. In 1992 the ARS deposited their archival material at the American Academy of American Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation. In 2000 the ARS decided to donate their collection to the AAO-HNSF's John Q. Adams Center for the History of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Scope and Content Note

The papers included in this series cover the period leading up to the formation of the American Rhinologic Society. The early years of the organization are a little sparse in the area of printed information. The 1940s and the early 1950s tend to have more photographs and odd papers than meeting and conference programs. Towards the mid 1950s and the following three decades there are a number of programs and brochures about ARS meetings and conferences and ARS sponsored events. After the 1980s there is less information about the ARS in the last years of the twentieth century, except for the ARS Newsletter and meeting papers from the early 1990s.

There are a number of Dr. Cottle's reprints and other writings as well as photographs of Dr. Cottle, with his students and in teaching settings. Within the body of writings included in the series are his writings on rhinomanometry and the use of the rhinometer.

Box Level Description

Box Box Description
1 Maurice H. Cottle Articles, Books
2 Meetings, Courses, Photographs, 1949-1962
3 Meetings, Courses, Photographs, 1963-1974
4 Meetings, Courses, Photographs, 1975-1989
5 Meetings, Courses, Photographs, 1990-1992
6 Newsletters

Folder Level Description

Box Folder Date Folder Heading Notes
1 1 March 1949, October 1954, May and June 1958 Dr. Maurice H. Cottle Reprints "Correlating Nasal Examination with Respiratory Tract Function," 1958 by Cottle, et al, "Nasal Roof Repair and Hump Removal," 1954 "Cancellous Bone Grafts in Nasal Repair," 1949 by Cottle, et al
  2 October 3-10, 1953 "Introduction to fundamentals of Reconstructive Surgery of Nasal Septum and External Pyramid" Study and Laboratory Notes (bound) An Illinois Masonic Hospital study book. Annotated.
  3 1960 Corrective Surgery Nasal Septum and External Pyramid (Bound) By Maurice H. Cottle, MD. Published by the ARS
  4 March 21-23, 1968 Selected Papers, 1962-1968 (bound) Published for Maurice H. Cottle Year of Honor, 1968
  5 August 20-25, 1982 Collected writings and reprints of Maurice H. Cottle, MD Vol. 1 (bound) Edited by Pat A. Barelli, MD. Published by the ARS. Includes "100 years of Nasal Septum surgery".
  6 1984 American Rhinologic Society Catalog of Transparencies Catalog of transparencies for home study. No corresponding slides or images accompany this catalog.
2 1 April 1982-3, March 1984, October 1985 Constitution and By-laws March 1984 Constitution and by-laws and the October 1985 version
  2 1976, 1978, 1980, & 1984 Membership Directories Directories for January 1976-1977, January 1978, July 1980, January 1984
  3 c1960? Cottle Fund pamphlet Gives history of ARS
  4 1950, 1965, 1973, c1980 Photographs of Dr. Cottle 1 faded color photo, causal and formal head and head to waist shots.
  5 1973 Unidentified group photograph Inscription on back "Found in Dr. Cottle file. I believe this is a famous S. American ENT Person (Brazilian)"
  6 nd, June 1952, November 1954, 1984 "Exhibit" photographs Graphic photos of nasal surgery. Images of the ARS booths at unknown convention during unknown years, possibly the late 60s and 70s. Color and b/w.
  7 October 1949 1949 Cottle Course Cottle course group photograph, participants identified, signed on back at Illinois Masonic Hospital, Chicago (from Dr. Petrillo)
2 8 1951 1951 Cottle Course Two photos of Dr. Cottle in the classroom, and men observing examination of woman's face.
  9 October and November 1952 1952 Cottle Course Cottle course pamphlet, Secondary course in Nasal Reconstructive Surgery, held October & November
  10 October 1953 1953 Cottle Course Illinois Masonic Hospital Introduction to Fundamentals of Reconstructive Nasal Surgery program and class photo, all identified
  11 January 24, 1954, September 25-October 2, 1954 1954 Cottle Courses Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum & External Nasal Pyramid, post-graduate course at Johns Hopkins, 4 photos (from Dr. Petrillo), 2 of Dr. Cottle teaching, 1 class photo, 1 New Haven, 23d Convention, Central Ill. Soc of Optha & OTO.
  12 March 10, October 13, 1956 1956 Courses, Programs Post-graduate course in Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum & External Pyramid program, held in New Orleans, and Annual dinner program, in Chicago
  13 May 11-18, October 18-22, 1957 1957 Cottle Courses, photographs 3rd Annual Meeting program (2 copies, 1 annotated), Postgraduate course at Yale, Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum & External Pyramid, 6 photos of Dr. Cottle teaching & operating, (from Dr. Petrillo), 8 more of the same, 2 dinner photos.
  14 October 17-18, 1958 4th Annual Meeting digest of addresses, (bound) President's address, Lectures,and Panel discussions
  15 April 11-19, October 17-18, 1958 1958 Courses, Meetings 4th Annual meeting program, Cincinnati post-graduate course, Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum & External Nasal Pyramid program and group photo (mounted)
2 16 January 6-16, October 7-10, 1959 1959 Courses, Meetings 5th Annual Meeting program, 5th Annual Meeting Surgical Seminar program, Los Angeles post-graduate course, Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum program and group photo (mounted).
  17 October 8, November 8-13, 1960 1960 Course, Meetings 6th Annual Meeting programs (2), 1 photo, doctors posing in front on Scientific Exhibit (id on back), St. Louis Rhinologic Surgical Seminar & Workshop photo,Announcement of international post-graduate course in Israel,
  18 April 12-16, August 6-17, October 7, 1961 1961 Courses, Meetings 7th Annual meeting programs (2), 1 annotated (from Dr. Petrillo), Second International Course in Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal program, Kansas City surgical seminar program and photo, 1 draft Annual Meeting program (Petrillo)
  19 Feb. 14, May 16-19, October 28, November 1-2, 1962 1962 Courses, Meetings 8th Annual Meeting program, ARS meeting, Indianapolis group photo, identified (from Dr. Petrillo), Milwaukee introductory course, Expanded Surgery of the Nasal Septum program, Expanded Surgery of the Nasal Septum, introductory course at Loma Linda Univ.
3 1 April 28-May 1, July 9-27, October 20, 1963: Meetings, Courses 9th Annual Meeting program, Introductory Course in Richmond, VA, Expanded Surgery of the Nasal Septum program (2), 5th International Post-graduate Course, 2 group photos, labeled LA, 1963 (from Dr. Petrillo), 2 group photos, 1 observed operation photo.
3 2 May 5-15, July 18, September 10-12, Oct. 16, 1964 1964: Meetings, Courses 10th Annual Meeting program, (2), 6th International Post-graduate Course, The Samuel Iglauer Memorial Lectures program, in Cincinnati, Regional workshop program, 2 group photos, First Congress of the European Rhinologic Society, held in Leiden, Holland.
  3 March 22, April 21-24, November 12, 1965 1965: Meetings, Courses 11th Annual Meeting program Meeting, course announcement, LA Soc. of Ophth. & Oto. meeting ann., Intro. Course, Expanded Surgery of the Nasal Septum, in Indianapolis, ARS courses & seminars in Chicago program (from Dr. Petrillo), 3 photos.
  4 September 6-17, 1966 1966: Meetings, Courses 12th Annual Meeting program, 7th International Post-graduate Course, Introduction to Fundamentals of Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum, held in Portland 1 photo of smaller group (from Dr. Petrillo), Guy L. Boyden Memorial Lecture program.
  5 April 26-28, October 20-27, 1967 1967: Meetings, Courses 13th Annual Meeting program announcement for Chicago meeting, Chicago seminar, introductory course & workshop program, Group photo (from Dr. Petrillo), "Ladies program" for Chicago session, Advanced Surgical Seminar, Recon. Surgery of the Nasal Septum.
  6 March 21-24, September 4-7, October 24-26, 1968 1968: Meetings, Courses 14th Annual Meeting programs (2), 1 annotated (from Dr. Petrillo), Year of Honor, Spring meeting in Phoenix program for Phoenix meeting, 3rd European Congress of Rhinology program, held in Zagreb, Yugo. group photo in front of hotel and of hotel.
3 7 August 1-2, 7, 9, 1969 1969: Meetings, Courses 9th International Congress of Oto-Laryngology, in Mexico City, 2d Quadrennial Congress International Rhinologic Society program.
  8 May, Aug. 24-Sept. 9, September 29-October 1, 1970 1970: Meetings, Courses 16th Annual Meeting program, NY post-graduate course program (from Dr. Petrillo), Surgical Seminar in Nasal Surgery, Basic Science Conference, Rhinology Congress program, in Leiden, Holland, Boerhaave post-graduate course, annotated.
  9 April 27-30, August 20-31, 1971 1971: Meetings, Courses 17th Annual Meeting program, 9th International Post-graduate Course (Kansas City) program, brochure, "Feminine Fare" program & memory book, Greg Sullivan Memorial program, 5 3x5 black & white photos showing teaching, program for ARS seminar,Kalamazoo, MI.
  10 April 12-15, September 19-22, 1972 1972: Meetings, Courses 18th Annual Meeting program, Secondary Seminar in Rhinologic Surgery & Rhinomanometry program, 5th European Congress of Rhinology & Basic Course of Functional Septo-Rhinoplasty (Spain), American Rhinologic Society workshops& seminars program (New Orleans)
  11 January 8-12, May 11-16, August 5-11, 1973 1973: Meetings, Courses 19th Annual Meeting program, Sociedad Americana de Rhinologia, VI Curso de Cirugia Nasal program and photo, 23rd Quadrennial meeting, International Rhinologic Society, held in Bordeaux, Daniel D. Klaff Commemoration program, Introductory Course program.
3 12 March 31-April 6, 1974, October 4-10, 1974 1974: Meetings, Courses 20th Annual Meeting program, Scientific Exhibit program, 11th International Post-graduate Course in Rhinology programs (2), held in Chicago, 1 program annotated (from Dr. Petrillo) group photo
4 1 January, June, August and September 1975 1975: Meetings, Courses ARS meeting program, 21 photos, Kansas City Program, Ladies Programs, Universidad Michocana program and brochure, 2nd Interntl Symposium on Plastic Surgery and Recon. Surgery
  2 May, June, October 1976 1976: Meetings, Courses 2 ARS programs, workshop programs, and typed notes(?)
  3 April and August 1977 1977: Meetings, Courses Joint meeting w/ International Rhinologic Society program (2 copies)
  4 Feb., June 1-3, September 6-8, 1978 1978: Meetings, Courses 24th Annual Meeting program Announcement & registration form, advertisement Mayo Clinic course group photo (from Dr. Petrillo)
  5 April, May, Aug 5-11,Sept, Oct 7-11, Nov 8, 1979 1979: Meetings, Courses ARS Newsletter with announcement of annual meeting, ARS mailing letter on 1979 seminars, workshops (2) 25th Annual Meeting Silver Jubilee programs course summaries, etc.
  6 March, May 8-10, Aug 7-9, Sept 27, Oct 20-23, 1980 1980: Meetings, Courses 26th Scientific Meeting program, 8th Congress of European Rhinologic Society & 3rd Interntl Post-grad program, Intro. Course in Septal Reconstructive Surgery draft program, Course: Ear & Nose electronic Diagnosis draft program, Colloquium on Rhinomanometry
  7 April 23-25, June 16-19, Sept 19, 1981 1981: Meetings, Courses 27th Scientific Meeting programs, 1 annotated (from Dr. Petrillo) 1 blank, Basic Rhinomanometry for Physicians & Technicians program, held in Chicago, Post-graduate course in Functional Surgery of Septum, and International Rhinologic Society program
4 8 Mar 14 & 20, Apr 30, Aug 19-25, Oct 16, 1982 1982: Meetings, Courses 28th Annual Scientific Meeting program, annotated, Interim Scientific Meeting, Cottle Seminar in Rhinologic Surgery & Clinical Rhinomanometry program, announcement & registration form, 'Ladies program', and program & course schedule.
  9 Aug 19-24, Oct 22, 1983 1983: Meetings, Courses 29th Annual Scientific Meeting program and Cottle Primary & Secondary Seminar in Rhinologic Surgery program.
  10 May 5, June 6-9, Sept 15, 1984 1984: Meetings, Courses 30th Annual Scientific Meeting program, Golden Head Mirror Honor Society program, Cottle-Rhinologist of the Century, Spring Meeting program, announcement, 2 The Nose '84 programs, International Symposium on Nasal Physiology & Surgery, both annotated.
  11 October 19, 1985 1985: Meetings, Courses 31st Annual Scientific Meeting program
  12 May 2-10, September 13, 1986 1986: Meetings, Courses 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting program, Announcement & registration form, 2 (COSM) Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meeting programs
  13 April 23-24, August 1-8, 1987 1987: Meetings, Courses Annual Spring Meeting draft program, 2 Primary & Secondary Cottle course outlines, 1 annotated (from Dr. Petrillo), Held in Kansas City
  14 February 5, April 21, September 23-24, Dec 9, 1988 1988: Meetings, Courses 34th Annual Scientific Meeting program, Board of Directors minutes (2/5, 4/21-Palm Beach, 9/23-Washington, DC, 12/9-NYC) , 34th Annual Business Meeting (9/24- Washington, DC)
  15 March 30, September 22-23, December 2, 1989 1989: Meeting, Courses 35th Annual Scientific Meeting program, Board of Directors Meeting (3/30, 9/2, 12/2), and 35th Business Meeting (9/23)
5 1 April 27, May 1, Sept. 7&8 , Dec 1, 1990 1990: Meetings, Courses Minutes, COSM Secretaries meeting, Acctg. Records, Business meeting, BOD minutes.
5 2 April 19, May 7, July 29, Sept 20,21&30, Dec1 1991 1991: Meetings, Courses Board of Directors Meeting minutes, Accounting report, "Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment w/ Immunotherapy" by RJ Trevino, MD
  3 April 13, 1992 1992: Meetings, Courses Board of Directors meeting
6 1 April-75 Newsletter: American Rhinologic Society vol 1, no 1
  2 September-75 Newsletter: American Rhinologic Society vol 1 no 2