Annual Election

Please check back soon for the official 2016 Slate of Candidates!

Dear Members,

The Academy is excited to share with you a new opportunity for members to interact with leadership candidates during the election cycle. This electronic exchange, which will be hosted on ENTConnect, is important because the Academy recognizes the need for members to have the opportunity to know the level of member engagement and prior relevant experience of candidates running for a leadership position in the Academy. Two questions per week will be shared with candidates to answer.  All candidates will have the opportunity to respond, but are not under any obligation to do so.

Submitted questions will be reviewed by the Chair of the Ad Hoc Task Force on Election Oversight prior to posting on ENTConnect.  Questions that are duplicative will be consolidated and edited by the Task Force and will be attributed to the submitting member on the Candidate Forum site. Should any question be considered inflammatory, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate in nature, the Task Force will have the authority to refuse to post the question.

Guideline for Candidate Questions

  • Questions will be accepted from February 1st through April 22nd. 
  • Questions may not exceed 100 words
  • Member must include their name and member ID number with the question
  • Questions should indicate if only for specific elected positions or if open to all candidates to answer (e.g.,  President-elect; Director at Large; Nominating Committee candidate; Audit Committee candidate)
  • Questions must be submitted to (questions should not be sent directly to any candidate)
  • Questions selected for response will include the submitting member’s name
  • Quota of 2 questions per member throughout the election cycle
  • Two questions will be posted each week with candidate responses

Candidates are prohibited from asking others to campaign on their behalf. This includes engaging in all forms of personal communications, including, but not limited to, mail, flyers, phone calls, and all forms of electronic media that could be construed as campaigning.  A candidate who engages in a personal campaign or who knowingly grants permission to others to conduct a campaign on their behalf will be immediately investigated with the possibility of disqualification. The rationale is to foster election of the most qualified candidate for office rather than his/her campaign efforts or style.

We hope this will provide an informative environment to promote all candidates.  Your suggestions are welcomed!

The e-ballot will open on Friday, May 6. Please vote and encourage your Academy colleagues to vote, too!  Ballot closes on Wednesday, June 8.

Elected positions to be filled:
President-Elect (Private Practice)
Director at Large (Academic)
Director at Large (Private Practice)
Nominating Committee (Academic and Private Practice)
Audit Committee

Nominating Committee

Gayle E. Woodson, MD, Chair

Susan R. Cordes, MD

David Edelstein, MD

Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH

Bradley W. Kesser, MD

Susan D. McCammon, MD

Albert L. Merati, MD

Brian A. Moore, MD

Spencer C. Payne, MD

Lawrence M. Simon, MD

Joseph C. Sniezek, MD