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Guideline Task Force (GTF)

Guideline Task Force (GTF)

GTF Mission

The mission of the GTF is to provide oversight to:

  • clinical guideline and consensus statement development process;
  • clinical practice guideline and consensus statement dissemination; and
  • clinical practice guideline implementation.

The GTF also provides a forum for education on topics related to guidelines, development standards (i.e. IOM) and dissemination techniques.

A primary function of the GTF is to rank, prioritize, and vet topics submitted for development into either clinical practice guidelines or clinical consensus statements.

Latest CPG eNewsletter: 2017 February CPG Newsletter

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Guideline Topic Submission

The GTF is currently accepting submission of topics for future guideline development. Please complete the topic submission form and submit your completed proposal to Lorraine Nnacheta

GTF Guideline Topic Submission Form

GTF Consensus Statement Topic Submission Form