Top 100 ENT CPT Codes for 2015

2015 Top 100 ENT Codes Billed in a Physician Office

Payment-Related Miniseminars

Take full advantage of the 2014 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM; attend a payment-related miniseminar! CT-Related Miniseminars Take advantage of the 100+ sessions related to CT imaging to help meet CMS accreditation CME requirements. The list of our CT-related Miniseminars or Instruction courses can be found here.

NCCI and MUE Updates

National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Edits

Clinical Indicators: Parotidectomy

Clinical Indicators are intended to help practitioners engage in the best practices, reduce errors, and improve value received.

CPT for ENT: Zenker's Diverticulum

Zenker's Diverticulum is a pouch found above the cervical esophagus. It causes swallowing difficulties (Dysphagia), regurgitation, weight loss, and other symptoms.

CPT Code Changes for 2014

There are several Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) code changes for 2014 applicable to otolaryngologists. Below is a summary of these changes.

Chemodenervation of the Larynx - Botulinum Toxin

Coding for Chemodenervation of the Larynx / Botulinum Toxin Q: What is the Academy's recommendation for billing Chemodenervation of the Larynx / Botulinum toxin injections of the larynx?