CPT for ENT: Anterior Submucous Resectioning of the Inferior Turbinates

Q: How can I report the anterior submucous resectioning of the inferior turbinates (bilaterally), with additional posterior volumetric reduction using a microdebrider followed by the crushing and lateralizing of the turbinates?

CPT for ENT: Nasal Endoscopy with a T & A

Q. What are the appropriate codes to report when a physician performs a nasal endoscopy and obtains multiple biopsies of the nasopharyngeal tissue in conjunction with a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (T&A)?

CPT for ENT: Zenker's Diverticulum

Zenker’s Diverticulum is a pouch found above the cervical esophagus. It causes swallowing difficulties (Dysphagia), regurgitation, weight loss and other symptoms.

CPT for ENT: Gentamicin Injections

The administration of gentamicin injections is a common procedure performed by otolaryngologists for severe cases of vertigo when observed in some patients with Meniere’s disease.

CPT for ENT: Utilizing Unlisted CPT Codes

CPT for ENT: How to effectively utilize unlisted CPT codesCreated: August 2013 Q: When should I use an unlisted code? A: An unlisted code should be used to report a procedure when no Category I or III CPT code exists to describe the procedure.

CPT for ENT: Coding 31000 with Balloon Dilation Procedures

CPT for ENT: Coding 31000 with Balloon Dilation Procedures

CPT Code Changes for 2014

There are several Current Procedural Terminology® (CPT) code changes for 2014 applicable to otolaryngologists. Below is a summary of these changes.

CPT for ENT: Modification to NCCI Edit for CPT 69424

You Asked, We Delivered: Academy Achieves Modification to NCCI Edit for CPT 69424 In early 2013, the Academy was approached by several members and coding experts regarding frequent denials by Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) for claims whic

Chemodenervation of the Larynx - Botulinum Toxin

Coding for Chemodenervation of the Larynx / Botulinum Toxin Q: What is the Academy's recommendation for billing Chemodenervation of the Larynx / Botulinum toxin injections of the larynx?

CPT for ENT: Cerumen Removal

For CY 2014, CPT 69210 was revised to clarify that the code is “unilateral” and in order to be reported, physicians must use some type of instrumentation (discussed further below) and may not remove ear wax solely by irrigation or lavage.  The new 20