Research Grants

CORE Grant Award Policy & Expectations

If your project receives funding, you will receive a notification letter and your terms and conditions contract.

Elements of Informed Consent

If you are planning to use human subjects in your research, obtaining informed consent is an important step of the research process.  An informed consent must be written by the investigator, approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), or Ethics

Submitting Your CORE Grant Application

All CORE grant applications must be submitted electronically via proposalCENTRAL, our online application submission site.Submission DatesLetter of Intent (LOI) to be submitted electronically by midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 15th.

CORE Application Evaluation

Review ConsiderationsApplications will be evaluated for scientific and technical merit by experts in the subject matter of the application. Reveiwers represent all of the participating CORE sub-specialty societies.

External Funding Opportunities

This list includes several federal and private agencies that provide research funding.

CORE Grant Tips for Principal Investigators

Prepare to Apply - Start Early!Get informedThe process requires close coordination between investigators and grants administrators.

General Information on Preparing Your CORE Application

General Formatting Guidelines The applicant's name should always be in the top "HEADER" portion of all templates (upper right corner); be sure to edit the header on each template.Use English only and avoid excessive jargon and unusual abbreviations.Y

How Funding Decisions Are Made

For the AAO-HNSF grants, the CORE Study Section subcommittee chairs presents its recommendations for funding of AAO-HNS Foundation grant applications to the AAO-HNS Foundation Board of Directors, through the Coordinator for Research, at its next regu