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AAO-HNSF Guideline Pocket Guides

AAO-HNSF Guideline Pocket Guides

Access the latest evidence-based clinical practice guideline recommendations with the AAO-HNSF Guideline Pocket Guides. Available for purchase in both digital and print.

Mobile versions of the pocket guides are available through the Guideline Central App.  Click here to download the mobile app!

AAO-HNS Members receive a 10% discount by using PROMO CODE: OTOCPG during checkout.

Available AAO-HNSF Clinical Practice Guidelines:
Acute Otitis Externa (AOE)PreviewPurchase
Adult SinusitisPreviewPurchase
Allergic RhinitisPreviewPurchase
Bell's PalsyPreviewPurchase
Improving Voice Outcomes after Thyroid SurgeryPreviewPurchase
Sudden Hearing LossPreviewPurchase
Tinnitus PreviewPurchase
Tonsillectomy in ChildrenPreviewPurchase
Tympanostomy Tubes in ChildrenPreviewPurchase
Benign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoPreviewPurchase
Cerumen ImpactionPreviewPurchase
Otitis Media with EffusionPreviewPurchase
Polysomnography PreviewPurchase
Evaluation of the Neck Mass in Adults PreviewPurchase
Hoarseness PreviewPurchase
Nosebleed (Epistaxis) PreviewPurchase
Ménière's DiseasePreviewPurchase