Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Service

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Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Serivce Awardee at the 2013 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Left to right: James L. Netterville, MD; James E. Saunders, MD

The President presents this award at the Opening Ceremony to an Academy member who is widely recognized for a consistent, stable character distinguished by honesty, zeal for truth, integrity, love and devotion to humanity and a self-giving spirit. The awardee is an outstanding example and model to emulate for a life dedicated to a nobler, more righteous, and more productive way for the human to live as an individual on this earth. The awardee is well known for professional excellence and has demonstrated professional dedication by the giving of professional skills freely, and without desire for personal gain or aggrandizement, to those in this world who cannot otherwise, physically and financially, receive them.

2013 Recipient: James E. Saunders, MD

Dr. James E. Saunders, for his exemplary life-long dedication to the Otologic and Hearing Health Care for patients world-wide. Involved in projects in international medicine related to ear disease and hearing loss, he cofounded Mayflower Medical Outreach, a non-profit organization that has been working to improve healthcare for hearing loss and ear disease in Nicaragua. Dr. Saunders has now trained a generation of otolaryngology staff and residents in ear surgery, and has started the development of a cochlear implant program. He is currently coordinating a collaborative program with the World Health Organization and two other non-governmental organizations to develop a national program for hearing loss in Nicaragua. He has served on several international expert advisory panels for hearing loss. He is a long-time member, past Chair, and Consultant for the Humanitarian Efforts Committee. Dr. Saunders is currently the Regional Director for Africa and has been selected to serve as the Foundation Coordinator for International Affairs, starting October 2013.  

2014 Nomination Form is Now Open! 

Previous Awardees are:
 ♦ 2013 - James E. Saunders, MD
 ♦ 2012 - John M. Hodges, MD, FACS 
 ♦ 2011 - Anna H. Messner, MD 
 ♦ 2010 - Peter S. Roland, MD 
  2009 - Richard Wagner, MD
 ♦ 2008 - James D. Smith, MD
2007 - Drew M. Horlbeck, MD
 ♦ 2006 - Craig P. Hedges, MD
 ♦ 2005 - Brent A. Senior, MD
 ♦ 2004 - James L. Netterville, MD
 ♦ 2003 - Byron James Bailey Jr., MD
 ♦ 2002 - David S. Parsons, MD
 ♦ 2001 - Michael J. McGee, MD
 ♦ 2000 - Sylvan E. Stool, MD
 ♦ 1999 - Juan J. Garro, MD
 ♦ 1998 - Daniel M. Martinez, MD
 ♦ 1997 - (no award)
 ♦ 1996 - Salyaveth Lekagul, MD and Soontorn Antarasena, MD
 ♦ 1995 - Hans von Leden, MD
 ♦ 1994 - Jack V. D. Hough, MD
1993 - Samuel O. Massey Jr., MD
 ♦ 1992 - M. Coyle Shea Jr., MD
 ♦ 1991 - M. C. Culbertson Jr. MD
 ♦ 1990 - Col. Joan Zajtchuk, MD

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