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2014 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO

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Sunday, September 21 to Wednesday, September 24 in Orlando, FL.

Board of Governors Meetings at the 2013 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO

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Find out how to bring forward grassroots issues to the Board of Governors:

View the article written by former BOG leader Jerry Schreibstein, MD.

Submit a resolution form

BOG Communications

The Board of Governors has pages in each issue of the Bulletin that keep you informed of BOG updates, state legislation, practice management matters, society news, and public relations activities. This publication is available in a print version, with selected articles on the Bulletin webpage. A bi-monthly email newsletter is sent to all BOG representatives and society administrators with BOG activities, requests for action, and updates.


The BOG Awards are being presented on Monday afternoon, September 30, 2013, at the BOG General Assembly during the AAO-HNS Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO.

The Model Society Award recognizes outstanding local/state/regional societies that exhibit effective leadership. The Model Society Award is based on activities from February 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014.

- Application is Now Closed

The Practitioner Excellence Award recognizes the prototypical clinical otolaryngologist one wishes to emulate. The Practitioner Excellence Award is open to AAO-HNS members in good standing and requires that within the past 10 years, the doctor nominated has practiced medicine in an exemplary manner and is sought out by other physicians because of their personal and effective care. In addition to his or her clinical skills, the nominee must possess one or more of the following attributes: civic leadership; charitable activity; leadership involvement with local, state, regional, or national medical organizations; community education; or engagement in local civic and/or community activities.

        - Application is Now Closed


Become a Member of AAO-HNS

Become a member of AAO-HNS

Receive many benefits to help you in your professional pursuits:  shape the future of the specialty, manage the business side of your practice more smoothly, and more.

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Humanitarian Opportunities

Humanitarian Opportunities

Do you enjoy travel or have a yearning to help others? If so, why not volunteer for humanitarian efforts?

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Awards & Honors

The Academy recognizes the extensive meritorious service of medical professionals' teaching, research, and leadership within the specialty.