2013 AAO-HNS Election Results

The final election results are in!

We are very appreciative of all the work of the Nominating Committee to present the membership with the outstanding slate of candidates from which to choose. This is a very important and difficult task with which they are charged, particularly when drawing from such an incredibly talented pool of members.  They deserve our recognition and appreciation.  Members of the Committee are: Drs. Rod Lusk (Chair), Linda Brodsky, Karen Doyle, Howard Francis, Christine Gourin, Gady Har-El, Denis Lafreniere, Michael Rothschild, Cecilia Schmalbach,  Ashley Wackym, and Lauren Zaretsky. 

We also extend our greatest appreciation to all the candidates for their willingness to run for office and serve the AAO-HNS and its members.  You are all dedicated members and you are greatly appreciated.

2013 Election Results

Gayle Woodson, MD
Dr Woodson


Director-at-Large (Academic)
Michael Seidman, MD
Dr Seidman

Director-at-Large (Private Practice)
Karen Pitman, MD

Dr Pitman 
Audit Committee
Jerome Thompson, MD, MBA

Nominating Committee (Academic)
Ellen Deutsch, MD
Dr. Deutsch

Brian Nussenbaum, MD

Nominating Committee (Private Practice)
Shannon Pryor, MD
Dr. Pryor

Ken Yanagisawa, MD
Dr. Yanagisawa




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Become a member of AAO-HNS

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