Model Committees

Characteristics of a Model Comittee

Model committees are committees that contribute in ways that lead to the success of the AAO-HNS/F mission: empowering otolaryngologist—head and neck surgeons to deliver the best patient care. Model committees have a passion for the AAO-HNS/F’s vision and for accomplishing the activities outlined in the AAO-HNS/F strategic plan. Model committees are successful because they share specific characteristics, including, but not limited to:

• strong committee chair leadership;
• engaged and active committee members who have a desire to volunteer time and resources;
• committed support from their Board and staff liaisons; and
• a well articulated charge and supporting work plan that is revised at least annually.

Model committees are often responsible for generating the specialty’s body of knowledge that results in the AAO-HNS/F’s ability to provide resources that empower members’ delivery of quality care. Some examples of model committee work products are listed below.

• Represent the Academy to external organizations related to ENT and to medicine; for example, communicating AAO-HNS/F initiatives to members, the public, and the house of medicine.
• Monitor and report on trends in otolaryngology to the Boards of Directors and staff through Board reports, the website, and news/scientific publications.
• Advocate for otolaryngology.
• Help build evidence-based research and conduct research that leads to new clinical guidelines, performance measures, and quality improvement tools.
• Create products that educate physicians, allied health professionals, and patients; for example, participating at the annual meeting, creating content for AcademyU®, identifying curriculum for MOC or imaging in otolaryngology, or developing/revising patient information materials.
• Facilitate market research and business intelligence about otolaryngology's environment through surveys; for example, a patient safety survey, surveys about clinical topics, or opinion surveys about new products/services.

Often, model committees are successful because they have good business practices in place that support their success. These include:

• a work plan in support of the committee’s charge;
• a continued effort to produce and share committee minutes and action items; and
• a community of practice forum for members to share ideas, progress, and to facilitate shared communications.

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