The comments located within this section are AAO-HNS perspectives and opinions, but are not meant to serve as the absolute and only coding authority.

Without the benefit of seeing the patient and the medical record, comments are opinion and guidance only. This is not intended to be a substitute for the judgment of the treating physician.

New or Recently Revised CPT for ENT Articles:

*NEW* Esophagoscopy(2/3/2014)
How to Use Unlisted CPT Codes (08/19/2013)
Reporting Lavage with Balloon Dilation (8/19/2013)
NCCI Edit Change for CPT 69424 (7/1/2013)
CPT Changes to +15777 Implantation of Biologic Implant Code for CY 2013 (2/14/2013) 
Intraoperative Neurophysiology Testing (2/12/2013)
Radiofrequency Ablation of the Turbinates (6/28/2012)
Turbinectomy Guidance (6/15/2012)
Gentamicin Injections (9/26/2011)
New CPT Code to Report Stereotactic computer assisted navigation (1/6/2011)
Updated Consensus Opinion on How to Code Balloon Sinus Dilation (1/6/2011)

Cerumen Removal
*REVISED* Cerumen Removal
Cerumen Removal and Audiometry on the Same Date of Service
Eagle’s Syndrome and it’s treatment

Electronystagmography (ENG)
ENG, Auditory brainstem response (ABR), and Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) services
Saccadic Testing during an ENG
Drainage and irrigation of the masseteric, submandibular, sublingual, and submental spaces
Fine Needle Aspiration

*REVISED* Chemodenervation of Larynx
Gentamicin Injection of the Inner Ear
Intradermal Dilutional Testing

Lagophthalmos Correction (Gold Eye Weight)

Endoscopic Laryngoplasty
Laryngoscopy and Neck Dissection on the Same Date of Service

Nasal Sinus Endoscopy
Clarification on Sinusectomy Codes
Consensus Opinion on How to Code Balloon Sinus Dilation in 2011 (Revised in 2011!)
Nasal Endoscopy and Laryngoscopy on the Same Date of Service
Nasal Sinus Endoscopy 
Nasal Endoscopy & Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy (T&A) on the same date of service
Operating Microscope

Separate Procedure or Modifier -59
"Separate Procedure" - What does it mean?"
Modifier -59 Scrutinized
Stereotactic Computer Assisted Navigation (SCAN) (Revised in 2011!)

Anterior Submucous Resectioning of the Interior Turbinates
Concha Bullosa with other Turbinate Procedures
Septoplasty and Ablation of the Inferior Turbinates on the Same Date of Service
Simultaneous Sessions of Radiofrequency Ablation and out-fracturing of the Inferior Turbinates
Turbinectomy Guidance

Uvuloplastopharyngoplasty and Tonsillectomy on the Same Date of Service
Vertical Electrodes in Vestibular Testing

Zenker's Diverticulum

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