2013/2014 PQRS Quality Measures Groups

Measures groups are a subset of four or more Physician Quality Reporting measures that have a particular clinical condition or focus in common. PQRS includes 22 measures groups for 2013, three of which are potentially applicable to a practicing otolaryngologist.

Asthma Measures Group (.pdf)
Measure #53: Pharmacologic Therapy for Persistent Asthma
Measure #64: Assessment of Asthma Control
Measure #231: Tobacco Use Screening - Ambulatory Care Setting
Measure #232: Tobacco Use Intervention - Ambulatory Care Setting

Perioperative Measures Group (.pdf)
Measure #20: Timing of Antibiotic Prophylaxis - Ordering Physician
Measure #21: Selection of Prophylactic Antibiotic First OR Second Generation Cephalosporin
Measure #22: Discontinuation of Prophylactic Antibiotics (Non-Cardiac Procedures)
Measure #23: Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis (When Indicated in ALL Patients)
Measure #30: Timely Adminstration of Prophylactic Parenteral Antibiotics

Sleep Apnea Measures Group (.pdf) (Registry Reporting Only)
Measure #276: Assessment of Sleep Symptoms
Measure #277: Severity Assessment at Initial Diagnosis
Measure #278: Positive Prescribed
Measure #279: Assessment of Adherance to Positive Airway Pressure Therapy