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2016 PQRS Quality Measures

2016 PQRS Quality Measures

Individual Measures:

AAO-HNS has identified 26 individual measures that may be applicable for otolaryngologists to report for PQRS.  We recommend every clinician decide which of the PQRS measures are most applicable to their practice by reviewing the complete list of PQRS measures approved for 2016 reporting. Links to the specifications for select individual measures are provided below.

Measures Groups:

Measures groups are a subset of six or more PQRS measures that have a particular clinical condition or focus in common. PQRS includes 25 measures groups for 2016, five of which are potentially applicable to a practicing otolaryngologist. Links to these measures groups are provided below. 

Measure Changes for 2016 

Measures Changes:
CMS has added 37 measures and four cross-cutting measures, added one new measure to the GPRO Web Interface, changed the NQS domain of five measures, and made updates to 18 measures. Ten measures have been removed from PQRS for 2016 reporting.

Measure Group Changes:
CMS has added three new measures groups, including a measures group addressing multiple chronic conditions.


For practices and physicians still in need of a solution for PQRS 2016 reporting, the AAO-HNSF offers the AAO-HNSF PQRSwizard. PQRSwizard is a fast, convenient, and cost effective online tool to help collect and report quality measure data for the PQRS reporting program. Similar to online tax preparation software, the PQRSwizard helps guide you through the steps to help rapidly collect, validate, report, and submit data to CMS for payment.

Attend an upcoming webinar on reporting via the PQRSwizard tool and submitting your PQRSwizard Report! See below for registration links: 

View a recording of the AAO-HNSF sponsored PQRSwizard webinar held on January 30, 2017 here:

Click here to access the PQRSwizard website and start reporting today.

For practices with EHRs, the AAO-HNSF Reg-ent℠ is currently available for your MIPS 2017 reporting needs. Visit to sign up for the Reg-ent registry for MIPS 2017!

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