AAO-HNSF/International Hearing Foundation/Michael M. Paparella, MD Endowed Lecture for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Otology

In conjunction with the International Hearing Foundation, this award recognizes outstanding achievements and significant sustained contributions to clinical otology and clinical otopathology. This award is presented in even-numbered years only.

2018 Honored Lecturer: Debara L. Tucci, MD, MS, MBA

Debara L. Tucci, MD, MS, MBA, is a Professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Tucci is principal investigator (PI) on an NIH-funded grant focused on improving access to care for adults with hearing loss, and served as co-PI on an NIH-funded project that developed a national practice-based clinical research consortium, the CHEER network. She recently served on the Committee on Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults convened by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Beyond her work in the United States, Dr. Tucci has an interest in international hearing healthcare and has worked with international colleagues to improve infrastructure and services in developing countries. She is currently working with the World Health Organization and other organizations to further global hearing healthcare initiatives.

She earned her medical degree from University of Virginia School of Medicine and completed her residency at University of Virginia Health System. She completed an MBA with a certificate in Health Sector Management from the Duke Fuqua School of Business in 2013.

Previous Honored Lecturers:
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  • 2009: George T. Nager, MD
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  • 2003: Professor Ugo Peter Fisch, MD