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AAO-HNSF/International Hearing Foundation/Michael M. Paparella, MD Endowed Lecture for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Otology

In conjunction with the International Hearing Foundation, this award recognizes outstanding achievements and significant sustained contributions to clinical otology and clinical otopathology. This award is presented in even-numbered years only.

2016 Honored Lecturer: Michael J. McKenna, MD

Michael J. McKenna, MD has greater than twenty five years experience performing otologic research, with near continuous support from NIH/NIDCD. The primary focus of his research has been on the pathogenesis of otosclerosis and more recently on the development of better forms of treatment. In addition, for the last fifteen years his group has been actively involved in developing methods for inner ear drug delivery, including an NIH supported BRP with Draper Laboratories for the development of an implantable MEMS based device for controlled delivery of drugs to the inner ears of humans. He has continuously mentored clinical and research fellows in basic research within the context of these projects, many of whom have gone on to assume leadership roles in academic departments throughout the world. Throughout his entire career, he has maintained a clinical practice in otology and neurotology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary with tertiary referals from the Eastern United States and beyond.

Previous Honored Lecturers:
  • 2014: Richard A. Chole, MD PhD
  • 2012: Joseph B. Nadol, Jr., MD
  • 2009: George T. Nager, MD
  • 2007: Michel Portmann, MD
  • 2005: Dietrich Plester, MD
  • 2003: Professor Ugo Peter Fisch, MD