Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Service

The Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Service recognizes an Academy member who is widely known for a consistent, stable character distinguished by honesty, zeal for truth, integrity, love and devotion to humanity and a self-giving spirit. The awardee is an outstanding example and model to emulate for a life dedicated to a nobler, more righteous, and more productive way for the human to live as an individual on this earth. The awardee is well known for professional excellence and has demonstrated professional dedication by the giving of professional skills freely, and without desire for personal gain or aggrandizement, to those in this world who cannot otherwise, physically and financially, receive them. The President presents this award during the Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony.

2018 Distinguished Award for Humanitarian Service Recipient: Susan R. Cordes, MD. 

Dr. Susan R. Cordes, MD, is an otolaryngologist practicing at Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, CA, and is a volunteer professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. When she a faculty member, Dr. Cordes initiated the otolaryngology partnership with Moi University otolaryngologists in Eldoret, Kenya, as part of the Indiana-Kenya Partnership. During the partnership's 10-year history, numerous otolaryngologists, residents, medical students, nurses, and nursing students participated in clinical, educational, and research efforts headed by Dr. Cordes. She is an Honorary Lecturer at Moi University School of Medicine.

She serves as a mentor to students and residents wishing to engage in humanitarian efforts. Dr. Cordes is Past Chair of the AAO-HNSF Humanitarian Efforts Committee and has given lectures and been a panelist internationally on the topic of humanitarian otolaryngology.
Dr. Cordes has served on the Board of Governors Executive Committee and received a Distinguished Service Award. She is Past Chair of the Women in Otolaryngology Section, and current Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Board of Governors. She is Past President of the Central Indiana Otolaryngology Society and is a fellow of the Triological Society.

Dr. Cordes completed her undergraduate degree at Indiana University and otolaryngology residency training at its Medical Center. She served as Chief of the Otolaryngology Service at Wishard Memorial Hospital and Residency Program Director for the Indiana University otolaryngology department.

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