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The ENT Advocate - June 3, 2016

AAO-HNS Responds to IOM Report on Hearing Healthcare
On Thursday, June 2, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its report on the accessibility and affordability of hearing healthcare services in the United States. The extensive report makes several recommendations aimed at easing perceived barriers for patients to access various hearing healthcare services. As part of the report, the Academy is pleased the Committee did not recommend changes to Medicare’s current physician referral requirements. Click here to read the AAO-HNS statement regarding the report’s release and visit the IOM website to download the report in its entirety.


Action Requested


Crunch Time for ENT PAC 
Election season is here, and your help is needed to ensure the specialty’s voice remains strong amid all the hoopla. ENT PAC is that voice on Capitol Hill—successfully protecting the specialty’s interests on issues such as:

  • Repealing the flawed SGR physician payment formula.
  • Securing a Meaningful Use Hardship Exemption for the 2015 reporting year.
  • Fighting scope-of-practice battles, protecting patient safety, and ensuring audiologists are not deemed “physicians” under Medicare.
  • Reauthorizing the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program.

If you have benefitted from one or more of the above-named achievements, please consider a contribution today.*



PROJECT 535: Next Steps
Project 535 is off to a great start! Since its September 2015 launch, otolaryngologists in more than 50 percent of Congressional districts have been recruited to serve as "key contacts" in their respective states. With your help, we can achieve our next goal of 60 percent. Sign up today!


Informational Updates


State Legislative Sessions Come to a Close
With most state legislatures adjourned for the year, the AAO-HNS thanks its “State Trackers” who helped make 2016 another successful year. Despite their full workloads and family obligations, these physician leaders took action and volunteered their time to closely monitor and report on legislative activity in their statehouses. If you are interested in joining this “boots on the ground” effort, please contact the AAO-HNS Legislative Advocacy team at for more information. 


Other AAO-HNS Informational Updates


Resident Leadership Grants Now Open

The Section for Residents and Fellows-in-Training is now accepting applications for Resident Leadership Grants (RLG) to attend the AAO-HNS 2016 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPOSM. Click here to learn more about this Member benefit and to apply. Submissions are due by August 1.