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The ENT Advocate - October 10, 2016

Congress Passes CR Before Adjourning for Final Campaign Push
Lawmakers have returned to their states/districts to campaign during the final stretch leading up to this year’s elections—just 31 days from today. Prior to its late September departure, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government at current levels through December 9. Thus, a “lame duck” session is inevitable. The short timeframe associated with lame duck sessions makes it difficult for Congress to accomplish anything beyond a short list of top priorities. Early indications suggest that health-related issues—such as mental health reform and passage of the 21st Century Cures package—will make the “must-do” list, and AAO-HNS is hopeful that the bipartisan reauthorization of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act (EHDI) will make the cut in the U.S. Senate.


Ensure Your State is Covered!
Preparations for the 2017 state legislative session have begun! The AAO-HNS Legislative Advocacy team is actively recruiting trackers for Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Nevada. Current State Trackers are reminded that the program’s monthly conference calls will resume in December. For more information or to become a State Tracker in your state, contact

PROJECT 535 Needs YOU! Be a Key Contact for Federal Lawmakers in Your State
Successful legislative advocacy starts with a solid grassroots foundation. As such, the AAO-HNS is continuing its efforts to recruit a "key contact" for each U.S. Senate and House Congressional seat to improve our outreach to federal legislators when major issues are debated by Congress. Since the launch of PROJECT 535 last fall, AAO-HNS Members from 51 percent of Congressional districts/states have volunteered for this critical effort. However, we need key contacts in all states, particularly Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada. The commitment is minimal, but the impact is immense! Complete the online sign up form or contact for more information. 

Attention PAC Investors: Call for ENT PAC Board Nominations
The ENT PAC Board of Advisors and staff are now accepting nominations for individuals interested in serving on the PAC Board (self-nominations welcome). All potential nominees must have a strong history of supporting ENT PAC and an interest in helping to strengthen the Academy’s political advocacy efforts. Contact to submit a nomination and/or learn more about the responsibilities associated with serving on the PAC Board. Nominations accepted through Tuesday, October 18.

ENT PAC Fundraising Goal Exceeded in San Diego!*
Thanks to the generosity of our Members, the AAO-HNS Legislative Advocacy team is pleased to report that we exceeded our Annual Meeting fundraising goal—raising over $20,000 in support of the Academy’s political programs! Given the contentious nature of this year’s upcoming election and its potential impact on the future of healthcare, help us secure a seat at the decision-making table—make or increase your contribution today! Send your personal check (payable to “ENT PAC”) to 1650 Diagonal Road, Alexandria, VA 22314, or make a contribution online at (log-in with your AAO-HNS ID and password).

And the Winner Is...
The Legislative Advocacy team thanks all AAO-HNS Members who participated in our mock General Election in San Diego. The ballot contained all four of the candidates for President of the United States—no write in’s or “None of the Above’s” were allowed! Of the valid votes collected, Hillary Clinton won with 56 percent of the vote, followed by Donald Trump (26 percent), and Gary Johnson (17 percent). Green Party candidate Jill Stein received zero votes.


AAO-HNS and AAOA Submit Joint Comments to FDA re: Compounding
On Monday, October 3, the AAO-HNS and AAOA submitted a joint comment letter outlining concerns regarding the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) Draft Guidance entitled “Insanitary Conditions at Compounding Facilities.” The letter highlighted the importance of ensuring the continued availability of in-office allergen (sub-lingual and/or sub-cutaneous) immunotherapy. Read the comment letter.

Save the Date - AAO-HNS/F 2017 Leadership Forum & BOG Spring Meeting
Mark your calendars to join leaders of the specialty for a rewarding weekend of networking, mentoring, and policy discussions. The AAO-HNS/F 2017 Leadership Forum & BOG Spring Meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 10 – Monday, March 13, in Alexandria, VA. The meeting is free for AAO-HNS Members who are otolaryngology practitioners, although registration – which will open later this fall – is required. Visit the Spring Meeting’s website for additional information.