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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a copy of my transcript?

A: Your transcript is available on under the "My Transcript" tab.

Q: Why is the credit for some of the activities on my transcript listed as zero?

A: There may be two reasons for this. First, when you completed your post-test or evaluation you may have neglected to list how much credit you earned for the education activity. We cannot automatically assign credit; therefore it is listed as zero. To update your credit, please contact the Education Department at

Second, if the course was an enduring material you are required to pass a post-test with a score of 70%. If you did not, you would receive no credit for the activity. You should have been notified about this and there are retest options available. To find out if you did not pass a post-test, please contact the Education Department at

Q: How can I accumulate a significant number of CME/CE credit in a short period of time?

A: We have a broad selection of activities and products that offer CME/CE credit, visit for a full listing of education products available.

Q: How much CME credit do I need to earn each year in order to retain my medical license?

A: The AAO-HNSF does not track continuing education requirements for the different state licensing organizations. You may find the resources provided by The Federation of State Medical Boards useful in researching this question.

Q: How much credit do I need to retain my AAO-HNS Membership?

A: None. The AAO-HNS has no continuing education requirements for membership.

Q: Can I report hours reading professional journals or non-Foundation online study for CME credit on my transcript?

A: These are activities that may be self-reported as AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ for the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. The Foundation does not formally designate these activities for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ and therefore they will not appear on your AAO-HNSF transcript.

Q: How is the AAO-HNS different from the ABOto?

A: The AAO-HNS is a membership organization that offers continuing education and other services. The ABOto is the specialty's certification body.

Q: How can I join an Education Committee?

A: In the fall of each year, Academy members have the opportunity to apply to serve on one of several committees, nine of which are education committees based on each subspecialty within otolaryngology. The Education Steering Committee (ESC) reviews these applications and recommends to the Board of Directors who should serve on each of the nine education committees.  Visit our Professional Development page to learn more.

Q: Do you have education programs for me to use at my hospital for Advanced Practice Providers training?

A: We have a number of education activities aimed at Advanced Practice Providers at  You can also contact The Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head—Neck Nurses or the Society for Physician Assistants in Otolaryngology for more information on continuing education for these health professionals.

Q: I am preparing for the ABOto’s Maintenance of Certificate exam. Are there Foundation resources that would help with exam preparation?

A: Many existing AAO-HNSF education activities would assist a person undergoing maintenance of certification, including examination preparation and lifelong learning.

For a current list of all AAO-HNSF education activities, visit