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Geriatric Care Otolaryngology Online

Geriatric Care Otolaryngology Online

Authored by leading otolaryngologists


Covers a variety of otolaryngology topics unique to the geriatric patient


Includes self assessments and search features

Building from our popular Primary Care Otolaryngology series, this e-book includes such topics as: surgery for age-related hearing loss, dizziness and Ménière’s disease, dysphonia and the aging voice, quality of life following chemo radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and polypharmacy safety. Like Primary Care Otolaryngology Online, each chapter includes Q&A self-assessments and search features and is formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF for easy offline use.

Primary Care Otolaryngology for the Geriatric Patient is supported in part by a grant from the American Geriatric Society.

Geriatric Care Otolaryngology Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: Hearing
More than 28 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. In some, hearing loss is caused by a medical disorder that can be treated by a surgical intervention. This essay discusses, among other things, the age when such surgery can be safe and effective.

Chapter 2: Head and Neck Cancer
A combination of chemotherapy and radiation has given hope to those diagnosed with this most deadly of cancers, in which more than one-half of all patients are older than 65 at the time of original diagnosis. The author discusses the severe impact this treatment has on quality of life, and the need to share this information with patients.

Chapter 3: Voice
The loss of voice quality can be as devastating to the elderly patient as hearing loss. A leading expert in voice care discusses the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Chapter 4: Swallowing
Swallowing disorders can be debilitating or may necessitate a visit to an emergency room. This essay covers the risk factors and incidence of dysphagia among the elderly.

Chapter 5: Facial Plastic Surgery
An important discussion of cosmetic surgery procedures and nonablative techniques that have proven to be highly popular with an aging American population.

Chapter 6: Rhinosinusitis
Thirty-seven million Americans suffer from acute or chronic rhinosinusitis. When medical therapy fails, surgery may be necessary. A leading expert discusses when the senior patient is a suitable surgery candidate and the appropriateness of functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

Chapter 7: Sleep Disorders
New studies reveal that obstructive sleep apnea, prevalent among the elderly and obese, can lead to more severe illnesses and even death. New treatments are now available, but who should be a candidate for these new procedures?

Chapter 8: Geriatric Polypharmacy in Otolaryngology
Often medical therapy is the most effective treatment for ear, nose, and throat disorders. In suggesting therapies, consideration must be given to medications prescribed for other medical disorders.

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