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India and South Korea Address Tobacco Packaging: Efforts to Curb Smoking Rates

January 10, 2018 - 3:11pm

Reuters reported on January 8, that the Supreme Court in India set aside a recent order cancelling larger tobacco health warnings in India. Since 2016, government rules require 85 percent of a tobacco pack’s surface covered in health warnings, up from 20 percent earlier. The case will next be heard March 12. While in South Korea, the Yonhap News reports the graphic warnings on cigarette packs, required to cover more than 30 percent of both sides of a packet, were changed December 23, 2017. The graphic images show smokers suffering from fatal ailments, such as lung cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, heart attack and stroke, while also carrying warnings of serious side effects, such as the dangers of second-hand smoke, sexual dysfunction, skin aging and premature death, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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