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#MakeOTOStronger: Become a Monthly Supporter of the 125 Strong Campaign

This year the AAO-HNS/F is celebrating its 125th anniversary as a specialty organization. As we reflect on the past 125 years, we’re also looking ahead to continue shaping our future together. 

Ensuring the AAO-HNSF raises the funds needed to complement our existing programs is a major component of shaping the specialty’s next 125 years and beyond. The 125 Strong Campaign is a fundraising effort designed and driven by practicing otolaryngologists and will provide funds for programs for otolaryngologists locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

We are asking every member to contribute to the 125 Strong Campaign to help reach our goal of raising $5 million over the next two years. We are starting off with a small ask—requesting each member to donate $125 to #MakeOTOStronger and help us reach our goal.

Under the leadership of Dr. Bradford, the Board of Directors has approved the following four general program areas that will be supported by the campaign:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Increase funding for underrepresented minorities’ travel grants to the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience and for their otolaryngology residency away rotations
    • Establish a CORE grant to study healthcare disparities and social determinants of health in otolaryngology

"To break the cycle of inequity impacting promotion, advancement, pay, tenure, awards, and recognition, we must define the issues and obstacles and then act to break down barriers for the good of all. In so doing, the future success of our specialty on a global scale is solidified and further assured."Angela M. Powell, MD

    • Develop augmented reality/virtual reality and otolaryngology gaming learning tools

"The 125th fundraising campaign is the perfect opportunity for those with a passion for education to participate in the development of some exciting new projects. I am confident your support will propel us even further to be the best clinicians we can be throughout our careers."Richard V. Smith, MD

Leadership Development and Mentorship

Establish education webinars and video materials in the following three areas: 

    • How to Get in the Game: specifically directed for residents and fellows-in-training, but suitable for all stages of career
    • How to Thrive and Prosper: specifically directed for young staff and junior faculty, but also will be valuable to members of all age groups and practice types
    • What Next?: specifically focused on mid- or senior-career individuals interested in leadership positions at academic centers, hospital systems, or local medical associations and would include information on end of career planning

"Creating a strong pipeline of capable leaders is imperative for the Academy. We are fortunate to have individuals who are the best and the brightest in medicine and volunteer selflessly to the organization. To make the most of the energy and enthusiasm that they bring, it is our responsibility to provide leadership development and mentorship that will build the pipeline of leaders for the future of our specialty."Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD,  MSA

    • Create and keep current a catalog of wellness and resiliency resources available for members
    • Develop a “Wellness Certificate Program” that provides education and training for members to increase their expertise and knowledge of wellness that can then be implemented locally and shared with colleagues
    • Create “AAO-HNS Wellness Ambassadors” composed of “Wellness Certificate Program” graduates and other volunteers who would help establish peer support networks and activities at the AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting & OTO Experience designed to increase wellness and track wellness offerings available

"With health and wellness at the center of the conversation and a strategic priority in celebration of our 125-year anniversary, please join us in investing in each other and our collective future."Dana M. Thompson, MD, MS

Read more from our 125 Strong Campaign leaders in the special edition of the Bulletin.


We extend a special thank you to two Past Presidents, Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD, and Albert L. Merati, MD, who are the co-chairs of the 125 Strong Campaign, and to the leaders of the four projects: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Angela M. Powell, MD; Education, Richard V. Smith, MD; Leadership Development and Mentorship, Kathleen L. Yaremchuk, MD, MSA; and Wellness, Dana M. Thompson, MD, MS.

Show your support for the 125 Strong Campaign on social media by tagging @AAOHNS on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and using both of the following two hashtags:

    • #WeAre125 celebrates the AAO-HNS/F’s 125th anniversary
    • #MakeOTOStronger encourages others to donate to this critical campaign