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Patient Health Information

Our health information, created by our member physicians, provides a basic overview of diagnoses and treatment for many diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck. This information is provided for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Patient Health Information


Health Tips & Prevention

A Quick Glossary for Good Ear Health

Better Ear Health

How the Ear Works

Noise and Hearing Protection

Earwax and Care

Pediatric Ear Health Tips & Prevention

Travel Tips for Your Ears




En Español: Colesteatoma

Conductive Hearing Loss

Dizziness and Motion Sickness

Earaches and Otitis Media

Middle Ear Infection (Chronic Otitis Media) and Hearing Loss

Ménière’s Disease

En Español: Infección del Oído Medio (Otitis Media Crónica) e Hipocusia

Genes and Hearing Loss

Hyperacusis: An Increased Sensitivity to Everyday Sounds

What You Should Know About Otosclerosis

En Español: Qué Debe Saber Acerca de la Otoesclerosis

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

Hearing Loss

Ear Infection and Hearing Loss

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Q&A with Dr. Barry Hirsch

Perforated Eardrum

En Español: Perfóracion Timpánica

Swimmer's Ear


En Español: El Ruido o Zumbido en el Oído

Pediatric Ear Conditions

Treatments & Procedures

Cochlear Implants

Pneumococcal Vaccination to Protect Cochlear Implant Patients

Ear Plastic Surgery

Ear Tubes

En Español: Diábolos Estudio Acerca de Causas y Opciones Terapéuticas

Buying a Hearing Aid

Snoring, Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnea
What is an Otolaryngologist?

Otolaryngologists are physicians trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ENT physicians.

What do otolaryngologists treat?


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