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Physician Mentor Program

As a practicing physician and Academy member, this is an opportunity to provide a learning experience specifically targeted to high school students and pre-med undergraduates interested in a career in medicine. The Academy offers paths to energive and motivate the next generation of otolaryngologists who can benefit from the insight of experienced members in the field.

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Eligibility to Participate
  1. A licensed otolaryngologist
  2. An AAO-HNS member in good standing

Responsibilities of Physicians
  1. Be supportive, positive, interested, and involved.
  2. Provide timely feedback on the student's ideas and questions through phone calls and email as appropriate.
  3. Act as a role model.
  4. Maintain confidences.
  1. Submit Application
    Receive confirmation
  2. Match with Student
    Receive student contact information
    Connect and maintain communication with student
  3. Experience Mentorship
    Please contact with any questions or for further information.