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Physician Observership Program

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Academy’s Student Observership Program. This program is targeted to high school students and pre-med undergraduates and is intended to help them understand the profession and get first-hand experience on what it is like to be an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon. As a practicing physician and Academy member, this is an opportunity to provide a learning experience to students interested in a career in medicine. Energizing and motivating the next generation of otolaryngologists is just one of the many benefits of taking part in this new mentoring program. This program does not offer educational credits for participation.  

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Eligibility to Participate
    1. A licensed otolaryngologist 
    2. An AAO-HNS member in good standing
Responsibilities of Physicians
    1. Effectively communicate to the observer his/her role and responsibilities in the program
    2. Assure the observer adheres to all requirements of the practice, hospital, or clinic
    3. Commit and adhere to a pre-determined schedule
    4. Explain HIPPA policies to the student to protect patient privacy and ensure compliance and obtain a signed release from the observer
    5. Introduce the observer to patients after obtaining each patient’s consent to allow observation of the consultation and/or procedure
    6. Obtain any additional prior approval or forms from the practice, hospital, and clinic
    7. Complete and submit a very short survey at the end of the observership
    8. Award the student a certificate of completion provided by the Academy