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Press Information

News media interested in covering the latest from AAO-HNS/F can find information on embargoes, Annual Meeting press registration and more below. Please direct any interview requests or policy questions to our media and public relations staff at

Annual Meeting & OTO Experience


The AAO-HNSF 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience will be remotely - live and on-demand - from September 13 through October 25. The AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting Media Policy provides journalists and public relations representatives with rules for covering the Scientific Program. Questions about these policies may be directed to

Social Media
Communicating about the Annual Meeting by way of social media is encouraged within embargo restrictions. The Twitter hashtag for the 2020 Annual Meeting & OTO Experience is #OTOMTG20. Follow @AAOHNS for meeting updates. 

Embargo Policy

The 2020 Official Program Abstracts are published in advance of the Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience as a supplement to the September 2020 issue of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery. The program abstracts are published online at

Only abstracts are available in advance of the meeting. Presentation content and author interviews are embargoed until the date and time of presentation at the Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience. 

Interested news media may request author interviews in advance of and during the meeting by contacting In-depth content and quotes collected from author interviews are embargoed until the time and date of presentation at the meeting. News media are responsible for verifying those times and publishing appropriately.

Press Registration & Guidelines

The American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) welcomes all media who are employed by an accredited news organization* to apply for press registration to cover the AAO-HNSF 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting. 

To register, please submit press credentials via the press registration online registration site. Acceptable credentials: business card, publication masthead, letter of assignment from an editor, or a formal press badge from an organization like the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Press may register at anytime during the Virtual Annual Meeting, which runs from September 13 through October 25.

Press registration at AAO-HNSF Annual Meetings & OTO Experience is extended to:

  1. Journalists, photo journalists, videographers, producers, and writers of the general, health, and medical press, with appropriate credentials, who are employed by accredited news organizations*. 
  2. Journalism educators and students who are covering the meeting as part of their training in science/medical journalism, by prior arrangement. 

All other’s requesting a press pass will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

*AAO-HNSF considers an accredited news organization to be one that features original editorial news coverage that has editorial freedom from advertisers and/or sponsors, and in which advertisers and/or sponsors are clearly identified as such. To be eligible, applicants must write exclusively about the AAO-HNSF 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience for the news organization that has provided the letter of assignment, unless otherwise noted.

Press registration at AAO-HNSF 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & OTO Experience is NOT extended to:

  1. Representatives of lobbying, special interest, or advocacy organizations
  2. Representatives from single-sponsored, investment, corporate, and institutional newsletters
  3. Administrative personnel 
  4. Representatives from companies that post videos of scientific sessions for medical education purpose of creating continuing medical education (CME) or other commercial content (e.g., webcasts, online or printed educational modules, etc.)
  5. Companies or organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other electronic media intended for internal use, marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations purposes
  6. Exhibitors or the exhibitor’s media/PR staff
  7. Sales, advertising, marketing, or public relations professionals

AAO-HNSF Press Guidelines and Policies

Members of the press who are non-compliant with the following guidelines will forfeit their press credentials and admittance to the 2020 Annual Meeting and possibly future AAO-HNS/F meetings:

  1. Information presented at the Annual Meeting is the responsibility of the presenting authors and is not intended to represent the views, policies, or positions of AAO-HNS/F. Any press representative who has been hired or invited to cover an event not listed in the Annual Meeting program should not report its proceedings as happening in association with or as having any relationship to AAO-HNS/F. 
  2. Education programming content is embargoed until the DATE AND TIME of the individual session or is available on demand. 
  3. Registered press may not photograph or record any content presented within the Virtual Annual Meeting platform for distribution or publication purposes without prior content from the AAO-HNS Sr. Manager, Media and PR. To seek permission, contact
  4. Registered press may have access to any live or on-demand education content. Participation during live events is as an observer only. Interaction with presenters and/or other attendees is not permitted in the Chat Room function offered on the platform. Comments made in Chat Rooms cannot be used for attribution or background by any registered press. Please reach out to to help facilitate interview requests that will be conducted externally from the platform. 
  5. Registered press are required to log in with their unique press credentials and are not permitted to share these credentials with any other person or organization.

Violation of AAO-HNSF Press Policies

AAO-HNSF reserves the right to deny or revoke press credentials and/or bar, from this and future Annual Meetings, any registered media who violate these press policies, or who misuse media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Transferring a press ID to an individual not registered as media
  • Sharing press credentials and unique log in information with any other person or organization
  • Engaging in Chat Room discussions and participating beyond the registered press observer role as defined above
  • Photographing or recording within the Virtual Annual Meeting platform
  • Misusing media access on behalf of publications or news outlets not disclosed in the media registration request, or not writing for the credentialed outlet
  • Attempting to obtain advertising or subscriptions from any exhibitor or registrant
  • Deliberately promoting the marketing objectives of a single company or institution
  • Use of the AAO-HNS/F logo on an outlet’s website or publication without explicit written permission from AAO-HNS/F

For more information, please contact the media relations staff:

Adrianne Wyatt
Senior Manager, Media and Public Relations


Industry & Public Relations Representatives

Access to Press Registration List
The AAO-HNSF will release its press registration list to registered exhibitors only. The list will be available by request starting August 15. Distribution lists of AAO-HNSF press materials will not be released.


Journal Embargo Policy

Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery employs an embargo system. All articles in the journal are embargoed until they are published, including OnlineFirst publication. OnlineFirst allows forthcoming articles to be published online at before they are scheduled to appear in print. Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery offers OnlineFirst so that content can reach its audience more quickly and research can be utilized sooner. OnlineFirst articles may be cited and may be reported on by the news media.

The volume of OnlineFirst articles that are released each Tuesday varies. News media may be notified of select newly released articles via EurekAlert, Twitter (#OtoJournal) or e-mail.

Not all content is published OnlineFirst. Some articles, such as guideline executive summaries, are released more formally coinciding with monthly online and print publication. Articles not published OnlineFirst are embargoed for release until published, unless otherwise specified. Members of the media are responsible for confirming the embargo day and time, and are subject to penalties for embargo breaks.

Interview requests for journal authors can be directed to  

Press Contact

Adrianne Wyatt
Senior Manager, Media and Public Relations