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Reg-ent℠ Web Tool

Reg-ent℠ Web Tool

Who may use the web tool?

  • Paper-based practices
  • Practices with EHRs that did not join Reg-ent by the deadline for EHR integration
  • Current Reg-ent practices that have cloud-based EHRs that have not been able to provide appropriate extracted data for reporting purposes

What can be reported with the Quality Performance category web tool? 

The web tool has the capability to report all Reg-ent MIPS measures for the reporting year. Visit the Reg-ent MIPS 2018 measures webpage for the full list of Quality measures offered in Reg-ent.

In addition to Quality Performance reporting, Reg-ent also offers the capability to report Promoting Interoperability (PI) and Improvement Activities (IA). Please note that without an EHR you are only able to report the Quality Performance and IA categories, as the PI category requires the use of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT).

How does the web tool work for Quality Performance reporting?

The web tool requires entry of your patient and practice data for the Reg-ent quality measures your practice selects. The tool guides you through the process by asking questions and providing fields for responses and data entry. Additionally, there is a CSV file upload feature for entering data more quickly. 

Note, CMS requires 60% data completeness for the Quality performance category. This means that when using the Reg-ent web tool, you will be required to enter at least 60% of your patient data for each measure you report (inclusive of Medicare and private payers). You will also be required to attest that you have entered 60% of patient data for each measure you select. 

When you have completed your data entry, have reviewed your submission, and are ready to report, Reg-ent will electronically submit to CMS on your behalf.

How to get started.

Visit the Reg-ent Sign Up Portal to get started now. If you have any questions or require any additional information, you can contact the Reg-ent team at