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Reg-ent℠ and EHRs

Reg-ent℠ and EHRs

Whether you are preparing to participate in Reg-ent or if you are already participating, it is important for you to understand how Reg-ent collects patient and encounter data from electronic health records (EHRs) and that the ability to collect data and the method of collection are dependent on the EHR vendor solution and how the data is hosted (either locally or in the cloud). Without going into all the details here, Reg-ent’s technical vendor partner, FIGmd, will either “pull” your EHR data into Reg-ent through the Registry Practice Connector (RPC) software application or your EHR vendor will “push” your data files to Reg-ent. Click here to view the data transfer and EHR questions to ask fact sheet for information on connectivity methods and requirements.

Please keep in mind that successful integration is not always guaranteed. While Reg-ent and FIGmd have successfully integrated with most EHRs, allowing Reg-ent participants to contribute their data to the registry electronically, there are EHR vendor solutions that have been problematic. Please review this comprehensive list of EHRs to see if your EHR is currently providing data to Reg-ent - if it isn’t, please note that FIGmd is actively working with many of these vendors to develop data-extraction solutions for registry participants. Updates with EHR vendors will be posted to this webpage and shared via other Reg-ent and AAO-HNSF communications – so stay tuned!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Reg-ent team at

Data Pull or Push

Pulling Data into Reg-ent. If your EHR is hosted on a local server, the Tech Support Rep will provide you with instructions on installation of the Registry Practice Connector (RPC), which will allow for the secure transfer of data to Reg-ent from your practice. Once the RPC installation is complete, allowing your data to be “pulled” into the registry from your EHR, you will be assigned a Client Account Manager (CAM) who will follow up with you regarding next steps.

Pushing Data into Reg-ent. If your EHR is cloud-hosted, the Tech Support Rep will provide you with instructions on what is needed to secure data from your specific EHR (as each EHR vendor has different requirements and processes). The Reg-ent team will work with you and your EHR vendor to obtain the necessary data files to be “pushed” to the registry. Please note that pushing data into the registry often requires additional time and effort from the practice as well as from the EHR vendor. It is also important for you to be aware that your EHR vendor may charge fees to push the data to Reg-ent.

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