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Research Databases

This page includes a basic overview and list of existing datasets that may be appropriate for otolaryngolgy research.

Additional Information


Secondary data analysis can be an efficient research tool for identifying large numbers of cases for study without the time needed to collect primary data. For these reasons, there is increasing interest in secondary data analysis in otolaryngology. In an effort to facilitate this form of research among AAO-HNS members the AAO-HNSF leadership has sponsored the creation of this online resource. This site includes a list of existing datasets that may be appropriate for otolaryngology research. Each dataset is unique, with its own advantages, disadvantages, and nuances. To help newcomers identify a dataset that may be relevant for a particular research question, we have provided a basic overview of each dataset, example publications, and links for obtaining further information.

Instrument Selection

Datasets for inclusion were selected based on recommendations from members of the Outcomes Research and Evidence-Based Medicine Committee of the AAO-HNS/F. The focus was on datasets that are widely accessible to the AAO-HNS membership with demonstrated utility in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. Each dataset description was provided by an AAO-HNS member with related experience and publications

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a primer and foundation for members interested in beginning secondary data analysis in our field. The list will be reviewed periodically and updated as appropriate.

Enhancing the Site and Creating a Database of Users

If you have suggestions or comments on the site, we welcome your suggestions and feedback to be sent to If you have expertise/experience with a database not currently listed, please feel free to contact us to consider it for inclusion.  

Because this list of data resources was not created using a formal process of evaluating or rating, inclusion of a database on the list should not be interpreted as a formal endorsement by the AAO-HNSF.  

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