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What Is the BOG Doing for Me?


A Report from Ken Yanagisawa, MD, BOG Chair (October 2018 -  October 2019)

With the new year churning ahead and with motivations and inspirations fueled by resolutions and lengthening daylight hours, I wanted to share what the Board of Governors (BOG) is doing for you. As noted below, our BOG leadership physicians and staff, and BOG members, have been hard at work on numerous fronts to help every otolaryngologist improve their practices via advances in communications, networking, practice management, toolkits, and involvement opportunities.

Presentations and Twitter (Samantha Anne, MD, BOG Secretary)

Regional Representatives (Troy D. Woodard, MD, BOG Member at Large)

  • The 10 Regional Representatives have updated and will continue to update contact lists for each state/local Oto Society including leadership and administrators
  • Increase exposure and interaction of our Regional Representatives and State Society leaders at the 4th OTO Roundtable at the BOG Spring Meeting
  • Incorporate presence, attendance, and presentations at State Society Annual Meetings

Governance and Society Engagement Committee (GoSE) (Daniel L. Wohl, MD, GoSE Chair, Boris Chernobilsky, MD, GoSE Vice Chair)

  • Clarify that each BOG Society will be represented by a Governor and 1-2 Alternate Governors (with elimination of the titles SEGR and Leg Affairs Representatives, which created confusion)
  • Approved newest BOG Society:  ASCENT (Administrator Support Community for ENT, formerly AAO) Private Practice Society
  • Create a Society interactive map and encourage Societies to remain active and engaged
  • Create a GoSE toolkit to aid members in creating and developing local and State Societies

Legislative Affairs Committee (David S. Boisoneau, MD, Chair, Karen A. Rizzo, MD, Vice Chair)

Socioeconomic and Grassroots Committee (SEGR) (Lance A. Manning, MD, Chair, Daniel C. Chelius, Jr., MD, Vice Chair)

  • New Academy Student Initiative - invite and involve physicians at grassroots level to participate in multiple student programs including high school and medical school observerships 
  • Update SEGR Toolkit with information covering unlisted codes and Category III codes
  • Raise member awareness of 3P (Physician Payment Policy workgroup) with Paul M. Imber, DO, serving as the BOG representative on 3P

Please consider participating in the exciting Student Initiatives – BOG will offer details through our Grassroots network, the State Societies, and the Regional Representatives. It is a stimulating opportunity to help our future potential colleagues and leaders understand our roles and duties as physicians/otolaryngologists.

Toolkits for each of our Committees are available on the BOG website, and are being updated and improved regularly.

Please join us at the 2019 BOG Spring Meeting (held in conjunction with the Leadership Forum in Alexandria, VA) on April 26-28, 2019, with pertinent talks focusing on Strategic Plan initiatives (including Reg-ent℠, APP incorporation, wellness, and advocacy) and Practice Management tips and tricks. Included in the weekend meeting will be the interactive State Otolaryngology Roundtable and the Executive Directors and Society Administrators Meeting. Best of all, CME is available, and the meeting is FREE of charge to AAO-HNS members.

Finally, many thanks to the entire team, especially staff and Sanjay R. Parikh, MD (BOG Immediate Past Chair), and Spencer C. Payne, MD (Chair-Elect), and a grateful thank you to Joy L. Trimmer, JD, AAO-HNS Senior Director of Advocacy, who has been a backbone and ardent supporter of the BOG for many years, as she retires in a few short months.