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YPS Toolkit

Curated by young physicians for young physicians, this members-only resource is your one-stop shop for Academy articles, guidance, webinars, podcasts and more relevant to those with less than 8 years in the profession.

YPS Toolkit Resources

Board Certification, Licensure and CME
  • Future of MOC in Otolaryngology: Why, What, and How
    (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    This panel discussed how speciality certification developed, the value of the ability to have continued self-regulation, the importance of certification and continued learning, and a review of how the different parts of the MOC process are evolving in Otolaryngology. The panelists specifically discuss how the ABOto is trying to address several of the concerns about continuing certification (eg. time, cost, relevance) that have been raised.
  • Maintenance of certification Update  -  Jan 2018
    (Podcast; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Review the history of the ABOto, it's role in working on behalf of the public and also it's physician diplomates, and how the new maintanence of certification program CertLink will work.

  • American Board of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Maintenance of certification website - Self Assessment Modules available. Pilot-phase information on CertLink available.
Business Basics for Otolaryngologists
  • The Affordable Care Act part 1: The History of US Health Insurance
    (CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Gives a history of US insurance and payment to doctors and how this environent set the stage for the ACA

  • The Affordable Care Act part 2: Health Insurance Exchanges
    (CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    This is the second part of a 3 part lecture devoted to the ACA. Describes Health Insurance Exchanges and how they are structured. Also discusses the importance of the individual mandate for health insurance in the ACA.

  • The Affordable Care Act part 3: Medicaid Expansion and Key Regulatory Changes
    (CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    This is the third part of a 3 part lecture on the ACA. This lecture is devoted to understanding Medicaid expansion and some of the various regulations associated with it.

  • Effective Contract Negotiation: Beyond the Rate; Mock Negotiation
    (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    This mock negotiation provides an interesting look at the nuances of negotiation with insurance companies. The panelists provide an indepth analysis of both the payers and providers perspectives and how to suceed in this aspect of the business of medicine.

  • Physician Administrator Team in Today's Practice
    (AM Webcast; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    A panel of 2 administrators and 2 otolaryngologists. The presentation is centered on the why and how to find an administrator for your small, medium or large practice. Then the panel progresses to a discussion on fostering a good relationship with your administrator and how to get the most out of them. 

  • Position Statements - AAO-HNS
    (Website; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Official position statements from the AAO-HNS. Many topics with subheadings Allergy, Hearing/balance, Head and Neck, Medications/Drugs, Nose/Sinus, Pediatrics, Plastics/Maxillofacial Surgery, Practical Issues, Sleep disorders, Throat. Can be short or extensive. Provide guidance on specific topics. As a member you can request a statement be developed on a specific area of concern.

  • Understanding the RUC Survey Instrument
    (Other; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Explains the mechanics of the RUC survey including the 6 steps involved in completing the survey.

  • Understanding Your Practice as a Business: A Primer: Part I and II
    (AM WebcastYPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Four practicing physicians with advanced education and extensive experience in business present on the basics of how to make business decisions. They apply tools like SWAT analysis and negotiation tactics to a case. The second half of the presentation begins with a discussion of negation tactics and provides a great framework and numerous pearls on how to be an effective negotiator. Finally, there is a discussion on healthcare law and effective program administration.

  • Attacking Billing and Coding:  The ABCs of Reimbursement
    (Webinar; YPS Rating - )
    This webinar, presented by the AAO-HNS/F Section for Residents & Fellows in Training (SRF) and the Young Physicians Section (YPS) will explore the basics of E/M documentation, coding for procedures both in the OR and office, coding for inpatient consultations vs. outpatient visits, and strategies to receive proper reimbursement for services rendered.  Featured speaker is Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Simon, MD, pediatric otolaryngologist and Regional Medical Director of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana.
Common Coding & Billing Questions
  • Coding Corner 
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Home for the AAO-HNS/F Coding Corner, which houses advice for coding and billing resources for the Academy. Available without logging into your AAO member account, there is information on several billing and coding issues. Specifically, CPT revision process, RUC are explained. There is a section on CPT change and other CPT Assistant Articles to help with common billing issues. Template Appear Letters is discussed as a separate item in the YPS-PM Toolkit.

  • Clinical Indicators 
    (Website; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Clinical indicators are 4-15 page checklists for common otolaryngology procedures, developed by the AAO-HNS committees, the Provider Payment Policy Workgroup and the executive committee. Each indicator has definitions, procedures with CPT's, and common associated ICD-10 codes. In addition, pertinent history, physical exam , diagnostic testing, post-operative observations, patient information and outcome reviews are discussed where available. Particularly helpful for newly graduated surgeons.

  • The CPT Process - How are Codes Created 
    (Other; CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Describes the steps involved in CPT code creation and some of the basic principles behind modifiers.

  • CPT Code Valuation: Your Role in Surveys for Optimal Compensation (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    The procedure for creating and/or modifying a CPT code, as well as the valuation process for CPT codes is broken down step-by-step. The panelists discuss the importance of individual physicians participating in the surveys when requested and how to do so honestly, thoroughly, and optimally for valuation.

  • History and Process of  the Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC)
    (AM Webcast; CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    This course helps provide background to the Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) and what the RUC process entails. Highlights the importance of physicians participating in the RUC process.

  • Reimbursement
    (Website; YPS Rating = 3 stars)
    Information and links to the Provider Payer Policy (3P) Workgroup and the private payer advocacy pages within the Academy. The 3P workgroup has guidance on several coding and billing issues, and AAO-HNS members can submit request to the workgroup for general practice management queries, and how to code for new technology or procedures.

  • Template Appeal Letters and Advocacy Statements
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    AAO-HNS has created template letters advocacy statements (otherwise known as blanket statements) to assist members with denials on specific procedures. Specific procedures include cerumen removal, MiniCT, CT navigation, balloon sinus ostial dilation, septoplasty, and operating microscope use. There are also letters on unlisted codes and modifiers 22 & 25. Helpful if you are having issues with some of your payers.
Jobs, Contracts & Negotiations
  • Is the Grass Really Greener? Evaluating Career Transitions
    (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Forty percent of practitioners will change jobs in the first 5 years of practice. Given that huge percentage, this panel, sponsored by the YPS, discusses challenges, considerations, and tips when considering a career change. The panelists have experience with transitioning to and from academic, hospital-based, and private/independent practice groups, as well as going back to fellowship after being a generalist.

  • Reduce Stress and Increase Morale in Your Practice: Part I and II
    (AM Webcast; YPS Rating = 3 stars)
    2 hours of pearls and lessons from Dr. K.J. Lee. Less about reducing stress and work life balance and more of a lesson learned and tips regarding both private and academic otolaryngology, though much of the lessons seem to suit private practice more. He touches upon how to set up and run a practice, how to negotiate contracts, personal finance and estate planning. He provides a superficial review of many of these topics, thought there are a few specifics on some topics.

  • Socioeconomic Data of AAO-HNS members
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Survey of member of the AAO-HNS. Has aggregate data for physician specific information such as age, planned retirement age productivity etc.; but also practice aggregate data like collections, payer mix, staffing, number of audiologists, square Footage etc. Particularly useful to compare yourself and your practice to aggregate AAO-HNS data.

  • Why and When to Consider Being a Locum Otolaryngologist 2018
    (AM Webcast; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    The basics of why and how to effectively embark on locums work. The speaker is quite engaging, experienced and knowledgeable. He speaks about the benefits and logistics of locum tenes work, mostly in the United States but also abroad. He discusses the process of how to pursue and obtain locums approval and position. He even touches on personal finance.

  • ParENTal Responsibilities:  A Roundtable Discussion on Considerations for Extended Leave
    (Webinar; YPS Rating =)
    This webinar explores the challengesand experiences facing otolaryngologists as they plan for maternity and paternity leave in both the academic and private practice setting.  Presenters include Carol Bradford, MD, MS, FACS, AAO-HNS/F President-Elect and the executive vice dean for academic affairs for the University of Michigan Medical School, chief academic officer for Michigan Medicine, and a professor of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery; Todd Blum, CEO of ENT and Allergy Associates of Florida; and, Alice Tang, MD, assistant professor of the University of Cincinnati, Department of Otolaryngology, specializing in head and neck oncology and microvascular surgery.

  • Your First Employment Contract:  What You Need to Know
    (Webinar; YPS Rating - )
    Presented by healthcare attorney Nita Garg, this 30-minute webinar covers pertinent provisions of physician employment agreements, including term/termination, compensation, outside activities, and gap/tail insurance; restrictive covenants, including non-competes and non-solicitations; and, negotiation strategies.
Marketing & Practice Growth
  • Developing Professional Expertise: Plan, Publish, and Present
    (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Review tips for academic and private practice ENT just starting out - setting up your schedule, meet and greets, time management, delegation, and how to say no are just some of the topics discussed.

  • How to Build a Business
    (Podcast; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Discussed what a business plan is and the parts of it.  Described the presenter's experience with setting up a cochlear implant program. Discussed an executive summary and such topics as market valuation, funding, presenting your product, getting feedback, and using a consultant.  Looking at the slides would have been better with the podcast.
  • Life After Residency/ Fellowship 10/16/18
    (Podcast; YPS rating = 5 stars)
    Review tips for academic and private practice ENT just starting out - setting up your schedule, meet and greets, time management, delegation, and how to say no are just some of the topics discussed
Personal Finance
  • Kevin MD
    (Website; YPS Rating = 3 stars)
    Blog that serves a repository on various topics on medicine, it's practice, with posts by physicians, nurses, and patients.

  • Passive Income MD
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Focus is on financial freedom through passive income. Blog on investing and personal finance with suggestions for physician side hustles.

  • Personal Finance for the Young Physician Feb 2017
    (Podcast; YPS rating = 5 stars)
    Discuss "must do" things for your finances - insurance (med mal, life, disability, home, umbrella, etc) emergency fund/ savings, having a budget, financial goals and prioritizing for them. Discussed IRAs and other investment vehicles. Discussed how to choose a financial advisor.

  • The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
    (Book; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Author Dave Ramsey, discusses topics such as how to budget, keeping an emergency fund, debt snowball concept of paying down debt, and establishing baby steps to financial freedom. This is good for those with bad money habits, swamped in debt, or needing to improve budgeting skills.

  • Wall Street Physician
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Blog written by a Wall Street trader who became a physician with topics on retirement, investing, and personal finances. Detailed articles from someone who has worked on the "other" side. 

  • The White Coat Investor
    (Website; YPS Rating - 5 stars)
    White Coat Investor Blog - Comprehensive resource for the beginner to the advanced with an extensive archive. Created by an ER physician who was able to learn financial lessons and shares them with his unbiased recommendations and helpful resources.

  • The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide To Personal Finance And Investing
    (Book; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Author Dr. James Dahle, founder of the White Coat Investor, has organized information out of his blog into this resource for students, residents, and physicians. Information is pertinent for the novice and discusses advanced concepts.

  • Insurance Considerations for Young Physicians
    (Webinar; YPS Rating -)
    This webinar reviews the different insurance tools available to young physicians.  Lauren Oschman, CFP, Partner and Financial Advisor for Vestia Personal Wealth Advisors, reviews the structure of disability, life and long-term care insurance and provides guidance on what to look for when deciding that an insurance policy is right for you and your family.

  • Your First Employment Contract:  What You Need to Know
    (Webinar; YPS Rating -)
    Presented by healthcare attorney Nita Garg, this 30-minute webinar covers pertinent provisions of physician employment agreements, including term/termination, compensation, outside activities, and gap/tail insurance; restrictive covenants, including non-competes and non-solicitations; and, negotiation strategies.
Practice Efficiency (EMR, MIPS, Reg-ent, etc.)
  • Alternative Payment Models in Otolaryngology
    (Other; YPS Rating = 2 stars)
    Provides background behind alternative payment models (APMs) and why payors are interested in moving away from fee for service towards APMs.

  • Alternative Payment Models in Otolaryngology: Options and Futures
    (Other; 3 stars)
    From the 2016  AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting for the practice managment education committee lecture series. Reviews alternative payment models (APMs) and describes APMS in the context of otolaryngology. Discusses the impact these changes have on reimbursement.

  • Best Practices in Integrating Advanced Practitioners into Your Practice
    (AM Webcast; CME; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    If you are interested in adding advanced practice providers to your practice model, this lecture may help guide you. This is a great discussion of the roles AAPs can play in your practice and how to train and utilize them successfully. The Q&A session has excellent additional information.

  • Burnout -Dec. 2016
    (Podcast; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Roundtable discusion on identification and prevention of burnout. Also discussed physician disability, touched on disability insurance, and some ethical dilemma cases for physicians.

  • From the SGR to the MACRA: A 30,000 foot view of physician payment moving forward
    (Other; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    From the 2016 AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting for the practice management education committee lectures series. Provides background to the development of MACRA and gives a comparison of MIPS and APMs.

  • Office Equipment Disinfection and Storage: Sound Evidence or Alternative Facts?: Part I and II
    (AM Webcast; YPS Rating = 3 stars)
    2.0 CME available. Varied panel of ENTs and an infectious disease physician that address several infection control controversies in an engaging debate style presentation. Unfortunately given the back and forth debate and many yet to be settled controversies, final recommendations are not always presented or enumerated. The debate style also makes the presentation lengthy for the amount of material covered. There is a review of pertinent evidence and review of recent joint commission letter to the academy.  

  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Primer
    (Other; CME, MOC; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Powerpoint course discussing medical error, how to recognize them and what the different types of medical error are.

  • Physician Suicide, Burnout, and Well-being 2019
    (Podcast; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Academy Expert Series - presenters talked of their experience with burnout, recognizing signs of the troubled physician, and strategies to prevent it.

  • Practice Management Home
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    The AAO-HNS's comprehensive site for many aspects related to Practice Management. Subsections will be discussed in other items. Some parts are available only to academy members. Much of the information contained herein is applicable both to private practice and academic otolaryngology.

  • Quality Measures
    (Website; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    Information on quality measures. The site gives information on development and how quality measures are used to track patient care, connect outcomes with processes, and meet third-party payer requirements, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Paired with Reg-ent, they allow participants to track performance and benchmark against peers for specialty-specific (i.e., QCDR) and public (i.e., QPP) measures.

  • Reg-ent ENT Clnical Data Registry
    (Website; YPS Rating = 5 stars)
    Introduction to Reg-ent, the importance of the registery and how it can be used to satisfy MIPS.  There is information on how to leverage Reg-ent for reporting to a CMS designated Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and a Qualified Registry (QR), for specialty specific and global quality measures and benchmarking.

  • Streamlining Your Otolaryngology Clinical Practice in 2018
    (AM Webcast; YPS Rating = 4 stars)
    A YPS sponsored panel consisting of 3 different ENT's from varied size and clinical practice. Discussions focus on clinic workflow, use of ancillary staff, optimizing EMR use and minimizing overhead.