COVID-19 Anosmia Reporting Tool

There is rapidly accumulating anecdotal evidence that anosmia (loss  of smell) with resultant dysgeusia (change in taste) are frequently reported symptoms associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar reports are surfacing from multiple countries around the world including the United States. In an effort to establish the importance of these symptoms in diagnosis and progression of COVID-19, the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) has established the COVID-19 Anosmia Reporting Tool. This tool was developed by the AAO-HNS Infectious Disease and Patient Safety Quality Improvement Committees to allow healthcare providers of all specialties and patients worldwide to submit data to confidentially report on anosmia and dysgeusia related to COVID-19.

There are safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of reporting. No identifiable data about the user is submitted with the report and the computer’s IP address is not captured from the submitting provider to preserve the confidentiality of the report/reporter. Further, any report containing identifiable information (hospital name, location, practice name, etc.) is immediately discarded.

To maintain confidentiality, this report needs to be completed online.


  • Please respond to all questions
  • Do not report any information that may identify the provider, patient or institution in the questions with the free text boxes
  • No identifiable information is collected from the submitting provider
  • Once your data is submitted, an email will be sent to AAO-HNS staff notifying them of the new submission

You may contact the AAO-HNS research business unit regarding the Anosmia Reporting Tool at [email protected]

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