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eClinicalWorks and Reg-ent℠

eClinicalWorks and Reg-ent℠

eClinicalWorks Cloud-Hosted Solution Now Available

After announcing a partnership in October 2017, eClinicalWorks and FIGmd rolled out their data-extraction solution for cloud-hosted eClinicalWorks sites in January 2019. If your practice has a cloud-hosted eClinicalWorks EHR you can now fully participate in the Reg-ent registry through the eClinicalWorks ELIXIR program.

To get started you will need to enroll via the eClinicalWorks ELIXIR registration portal. The portal will walk you through the registration process and requirements and connect you with the applicable specialty registry – in this case Reg-ent. You will then complete the Reg-ent registration process through our Sign Up Portal. Once you have enrolled in the ELIXIR portal, completed the required documentation for eClinicalWorks, and completed the registration process for Reg-ent you’ll be on your way to submitting your data electronically to Reg-ent and benefiting fully from your participation.

If you already have an account with Reg-ent, then you will not need to re-register with us – please do not try to create another account but rather email us at to let us know that you are enrolling in the ELIXIR program.

Here are a few of the program highlights:

• This is only for cloud-hosted eClinicalWorks sites.
• Data will be PUSHED to the specialty registry by eClinicalWorks using a secure SFTP site.
• Enrollment is required through the eClinicalWorks ELIXIR registration portal ( 
• The eClinicalWorks cost to participate is $300.00 per provider (annual fee), plus the applicable registry participation fees.
• The $300.00 fee will cover data transfer for one calendar year. If any other historical data is needed, the fee will be $25 per month, per provider.


  • Existing participants must renew their Elixir subscription yearly to keep the data flowing into Reg-ent.
  • To pay your renewals, visit the Elixir portal by clicking the link here,
  • Sign in to your account and file the milestones to make payment. 
  • After payment is complete, please resign your DRCF form.
  • Please remember to make payment on any Reg-ent registry participation fees.
  • If you have any questions regarding the renewal process for Elixir, please email:

To learn more about the eClinicalWorks ELIXIR program for cloud-hosted eClinicalWorks sites please contact the Reg-ent team at