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Ethics Courses

Adult with Multiple PET-Positive Lesions Ethics and Decision-making at the End of Life

Patient Management Perspectives in Otolaryngology (PMP) eCourses offer learners the opportunity to hone decision making skills through full management of an individual patient. This particular course specifically addresses the evaluation and management of as 57-year old man who has been referred to you by his primary care physician after a positron emission tomography (PET) scan showed multiple positive lesions in his neck, thorax, and axillae.

AcademyQ CME: Practice Management

AcademyQ CME offers learners the opportunity to hone their knowledge skills through a series of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery specific self-assessment questions while earning CME credit.

The physician learner will read and analyze otolaryngology-specific questions and rationales developed by otolaryngology experts. Included in each module are thorough feedback for each question, additional reading references, appropriate images and videos to enhance the learning experience.

Clinical Fundamentals: Ethics and Professionalism

This instructional course is presented in a 4 part lecture format. The first two parts will emphasize clinical medical ethics beginning by focusing on the moral foundation of informed consent and surrogated decision making and concluding by stressing their practical applications in the clinical settings. The second two presentations will emphasize professionalism in OtoLaryngology by using the standards of ethical conduct for Expert Witness Guidelines and Gender Equity in the Workplace as developed by the AAO-HNS/F.

Introducing the Expert Witness

While the AAO-HNS policies and guidelines on ethical behavior have been in place for many years, provisions to address Expert Witness Qualifications and Testimony were added in 2003. With this short course, the Academy is reaching out to educate its members on what is expected of them when delivering expert testimony in order to meet the Academy's guidelines.